Wednesday, June 11, 2014


SINGLE: "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)"
REVIEWER: Han Van Meegerin
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The next time someone asks "Ben who?", stand up, put your hands together and make some noise for Ben Rue. His single,“I Can't Wait Be My Wife” is sure to please many a listener.

Rue touches all the right chords as he croons in anticipation of the parsing of the words, “I Do” from his lips. His song, both in tune and in lyrics, definitely tastes like young and true love.

Had I any creativity, I would have written these same words and sung them to my bride back in my day. However, now after some years of marriage and with an anniversary coming up, I can now steal some lines from this Ben Rue tune and hopefully score a little a better late than never.

It's no secret that many marriages fall apart. However, Rue offers this poignant reminder about why some of us took our marriage vows in the first place. The words “This is the way I feel. I can't wait for you to be my wife, to live this life together... You are are my heart forever... on and on and on” should be a daily reflection of all married partners. Perhaps, if more married folks kept these words and feelings in their hearts, there would be less divorce and failed marriages.

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