Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We are starting a few feature called "Spotlight On: Music Giving Back". This feature will spotlight
organizations that give back to society and the community. These are organizations that deserve our attention and praise that everyone should be aware of and hopefully be able to support. This week we are focusing on Vettix.org.

The Veteran Tickets Foundation is a non-profit foundation that provides free event tickets for active military, veterans, and their families.  Their employees are either veterans or family members of veterans, this way they can give back to their fellow military brethren and sistren. They have no relation to the government nor any specific military branch. The Foundation was founded by Michael A Focareto III, Edward Rausch, and Butch Hogan. Though their event tickets are not limited to country music or music in general, it is a part of what they do and who they are and they seemed an admirable cause to focus on.  Not only do I like a foundation that focuses providing enjoyment and creating positive, lasting memories for someone, but that it goes to the ones that have sacrificed so much for us is extraordinary.

To the people who have given up at the very least their time, and their sense of security to provide us with ours, and at the very most their lives, we must never forget to thank, and always be grateful for.  We all need the opportunity to lose ourselves in the release that is music, and live music especially but not everyone can always afford it. To give tickets or money to our estimable men and women that have served us so well is a more than worthy use of our time and money. So please, if you ever have an extra ticket to a show or a few bucks that you’re wanting to go to a good place, keep this one in mind.  If you know someone who would appreciate and perhaps benefit from this website please share with them.  I know in country music we put an emphasis upon thanking our troops, and I hope we never forget to do that. I’m so glad this is in existence and as a reminder to not only thank our troops but as a reminder that if we can make someone smile for a minute or a night, then we should.  Acts of kindness may reach further and last longer than you ever know, and may change someone’s life.

From The Veteran Tickets Foundation: “Who We Are”

“We served our country. And now it’s our privilege to serve our Military and Veterans and to provide an opportunity for the rest of America to express its thanks and gratitude. When our Military and Veterans go to an event for free, we want them to enjoy, relax, spend precious time with their families and feel a part of American life. That’s what we are committed to creating, every day. Join us.”

Check Them Out Here: http://www.vettix.org/ 

Contributor: Alyse Smith
8/26/14 - 7:15pm ET
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