Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Austin Webb isn't just known for his good looks and great voice, he's also becoming well known for his selfies and now you can take one with him!

Download the popular UrTurn App and you can "pose" with Austin to create the ultimate "Raise 'Em Up" selfie! Even better, you can show off your personal masterpiece on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Webb kicked off the campaign with his signature humor telling fans, "Y'all know I love a good selfie! Now you can take a pic with me no matter where you are! Well, maybe not underwater. Or in space. " Sorry astronauts, you'll have to wait to take your "Raise 'Em Up" selfie!

Fans are having a blast creating countless takes to perfect the Austin Webb selfie. Take UrTurn and create your own "Raise 'Em Up" selfie HERE.

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