Monday, April 25, 2022


Just a little bit about Lovin' Lyrics Country Music Promotions:

I do this for one reason, I love  country music and I don't think the best of it is getting the attention it should. This includes new artists who are struggling and running into the typical industry barriers, veteran artists who are still putting out great music but still continue to be overlooked because they don't "fit the mold" of today's country music and those who gave us the music, the songwriters. 

I don't have corporate sponsors and rarely make any money doing what I do because that's not my focus. I operate off of the occasional donation. I don't look to have huge numbers, but instead to help build the artist's audience numbers with people who genuinely care and like the music. If I build big numbers in the process of doing that, I appreciate it but would rather focus on the quality of who I connect with than the quantity. It's better to have people who care than a bunch of random people who follow and don't care about the music or helping the cause. The focus is to connect potential fans with the best music and to narrow the gap between fan and artist.

I am Jenn. I update the website, post press releases, manage social media accounts, cover concerts, write music reviews and articles, and do photography. I'm basically the CEO of damn near everything and do this in addition to working a regular 8 hr job as a corporate travel agent. 

So there ya have it, a little background on who Lovin' Lyrics is. I certainly thank you for being here and am so grateful that you choose to be here. Thank you for helping spread the word about these artists and for helping do what you can to make a difference. You are part of that difference. It takes a village. Thank you for being part of the village to move their mountain.


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