Wednesday, February 25, 2015


SINGLE: "When I Woke Up Today"
ARTIST: Wade Bowen
REVIEWER: Alyse Smith
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Wade Bowen’s newest single “When I Woke Up Today” is an instant hit.  That Texas twang streaming through the speakers never sounded so good.  An immediate shock to the system his voice wakes you up and gets you going.  There are few voices I’ve instantly enjoyed as much as his and “When I Woke Up Today” only elevates that.

An autobiographical song about his life on the road and how much he loves what he’s doing, we should all take a note from him.  It’s a great song for everyone to aspire to but fellow singers and songwriters will definitely blast this one a little bit louder as it speaks to their lives.  He speaks of how in any life there’s going to be good and bad, the flying down the road and the hangovers you battle after a night spent living chasing the dream.  A lot of the time it’s just luck of the draw he says in my favorite line of the song “Yeah it’s a cut of the cards, it’s a roll of the dice.”  If you don’t like where you are or what you’re doing change it, as “Every day brings another chance for you to take and every day brings another choice for you to make.”  A crucial thing to remember, as every line it seems in here is.  Wade Bowen has time and time again proven himself to be a true artist, in terms of both vocals and lyrics.  A songster that plays not to your heart’s content but leaves you aching for more every single time because really, will there ever be enough Wade Bowen?  I sure hope not and I feel as though his impending success in this song and others will display that.

Wade Bowen is currently on tour staying in Texas sans a trip to 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN on Saturday, March 14th so start your St. Patrick’s celebration a little early and head there!

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