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We love getting to know new country artists and we scored a little one on one conversation with one of our favorite new voices, Austin Webb. If you're familiar with Austin, you know he has a wicked sense of humor and is very down to earth. Check out what he had to say about his music, a tweet that didn't go over so well, fan interaction and well, just a little bit of this and that. Be sure to request his new single, "All Country on You" on your local stations, follow him on Facebook and Twitter and purchase the single, as well as his other music on iTunes! For more info, his website is

LOVIN LYRICS: First off, I have to say you are so flippin' funny. Your sense of humor is fantastic and fans are loving it. I bet this gets you in trouble sometimes doesn't it? Tell us a situation where your idea of funny and someone else's idea of funny weren't quite on the same page.

AUSTIN WEBB: First off, Thank you! I think its very important for an “artist” to not take themselves to seriously in order to maintain a good sense of normality. One time my joke got me in trouble was when someone said on twitter “ Why didn’t you stay to sign autographs after your show, That what 3rd billers do” I responded… “Tell me more about what 3rd billers do” haha. I thought it was hilarious but the tweeter was very offended. Needless to say I personally reached out to them and invited them to a local radio station to have pizza with me to make it up to them.

LOVIN LYRICS: Your hit "Slip On By" was your first Top 40 hit, now your new single, "All Country On You" which was written by hit songwriters Mark Irwin, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins and produced by Grammy winner producer Byron Gallimore who also happens to produce Tim and Faith, is heading up the charts. Tell us a little about the song. What about the song stood out to you and made you decide this was the right song to record and release?

AUSTIN WEBB: I’m so grateful for Slip on by and I think All country on you is the perfect song to follow it up with. I like the song so much because it’s a fresh idea without tired themes and it only says truck once ha ha. Its contemporary, fun and easy to sing along with. The Line “going all Carrie Underwood on my truck” sold me instantly. I knew people would relate to that and It’s fun to give Carrie a shout out.

LOVIN LYRICS: If you had to "sell your music" to a potential new fan, what would your pitch be? Why should they listen to you?

AUSTIN WEBB: Who is your favorite artist? That’s crazy, Austin Webb sounds just like 'em at half the price!

LOVIN LYRICS: Give us a little background on your start in music. You started performing at the age of 15?

AUSTIN WEBB: I got into poetry around 9 or 10 years old and was infatuated with writing and the way it made me feel. I got a guitar and a G harmonica when I was 15, cut an EP of Alternative Country music a few months after I started playing and Immediately hit the road in pursuit of myself. I’ve been on a long journey and I’m grateful for everything.

LOVIN LYRICS: You've performed at a ton of fairs, festivals and other venues including opening for such major artists as Luke Bryan, Little Big Town and Tim McGraw. What's been your favorite memory so far from your experience on the road?

AUSTIN WEBB: It’s hard to pin point one favorite moment because all the artists are so gracious and approachable. Everyone in country music is generally nice and easy to work with. I just mostly keep my mouth shut and make sure myself and my band are respectful, easy to work with and get on and off the stage quick!

LOVIN LYRICS: What's the one piece of advice you've received that you've never forgotten?

AUSTIN WEBB: Don’t take pictures after 11:00pm

LOVIN LYRICS: You're great with fan engagement. What kind of things do you like to do to keep your fans involved in your music? Do you handle your own social media?

AUSTIN WEBB: The most important thing to me in my career are the fans. Without Fans I wouldn’t have a career, so they are my main focus. We’re so lucky that we live in a time where I can immediately respond and connect with those investing in my career. All of my social media tweets come from my mouth or are approved by me at all times!

LOVIN LYRICS: What is your definition of success?

AUSTIN WEBB: Truly being in love, raising a family and being self sufficient .

LOVIN LYRICS: If you had to go back and relive one moment in your career so far, what would it be? Would you do things differently or do them the same way all over again?

AUSTIN WEBB: I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’m proud of where I’ve been, and certain of where I’m going.

LOVIN LYRICS: When can fans expect an EP or full length CD from you?

AUSTIN WEBB: Soon! Very soon! Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be making announcements in the near future!

LOVIN LYRICS: Thank you for your time, we know you don't get much of it with your schedule. How can fans reach you online and what's the best way for a fan to get your attention on social media? What kinds of posts make you want to respond and what kinds are actually a turn off?

AUSTIN WEBB: Thank you for the interview! Go to and link out from there! I like to respond to pretty much everything I have time to. I don’t really respond to “Hey Austin! Check out these 487 songs I sent you.”

- Jennifer Smith
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