Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Jennifer Smith - Owner, Operator and CEO of DNE (Damn Near Everything) and then some ...

I'm Jenn, the person who started this crazy carnival ride. I am just a girl who's overly passionate about music and am so thankful for those that create it so I thought what a great way to give back, tell other people about it. I'm Southern (born in Mobile, AL - ROLL TIDE! - and currently live in Morehead City, NC), have a big mouth and like to talk so that's a hell of a combination that has seemed to work for me thus far. I'm single and have one child, an 8 month old Chiweenie rescue hellion named Charlie but his name changes based on his moods - Lil' Chalupa, Cheedles, Chuck, Lil Chuckie, Charles, Sir Charles, etc. He is the love of my life. I work in the real world as a corporate travel consultant for the top tier executives of a communications company that we all know and have been working with VIP clients for over 20 years. I enjoy music (obviously, especially new up and coming artists and veterans who aren't getting the exposure they used to), road trips, covering shows, concert photography, any time spent with good people and long slow romantic walks on the beach at sunset (ha, I laughed too when I wrote that - gag!).

Something that would surprise someone about me: I love head banging hair metal and am an 80's hair band junkie. Give me some guyliner, teased hair and arena anthems or power ballads and I'm good to go! I'm more than just country!

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