Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Are you considering blogging, tweeting, or any other social media? Think about WHY you're doing it. If you're doing it to promote a cause, market a product or even market yourself, make sure you're not jumping in blindly and that you'll get a good return investment on your time. This means take time to consider HOW you're going to do this to reach the maximum amount of people and to make your blog or social media account appealing so people will talk and send other people your way. 

1.) Connecting with People - The most important, and really the whole point, of a blog or social media page is to connect with people, to share ideas. You have to be willing to connect with people personally in order to really make your blog or page work. Social media is just that, social. Take the time to respond to people, to reply to their posts or blog entries and don't just sit there letting them do all the talking and responding. Social goes both ways, be sure you're doing your part to keep their interest.

2.) Familiarization with Your Audience: What kind of audience are you looking for? Do you want people who actually care about what you're doing, who are interested in the same things you're blogging and posting about? Put yourself in your reader's shoes. What would YOU find interesting in a blog about *insert your cause here*? Do you like bloggers who stick to the script and stay professional or do you like bloggers who show their personality and throw in things that aren't always on course but still keep your attention? Consider more than just yourself when it comes to writing and posting, consider your audience first.

3.)  Timing of your posts: If you're posting an article such as an event review or a music review, post them as close to the end of the event date or the music release date as possible to keep them current. No one wants to read about an event that happened 3 months ago or a single that's been at radio for 6 months already. People want current, they want to be kept up to date. If you find that you want to write about something that's already happened but time has put you too far behind so it's not relevant anymore, move on and post about another upcoming event, current news story, or music release that is relevant.

4.) Be Authentic: No one likes a poser and someone who pretends to be what they aren't. It may not be evident to them at first, but eventually they catch on and you'll find yourself the center of lost interest. Talk about things that you like, not just things that you really don't know anything about. Blog about things you're passionate about, things you really want other people to know about. Are you known for your sense of humor? Infuse your posts with your personal sense of humor, don't be afraid to be funny. Are you deep and thoughtful? Then be that way in your posts. I prefer to think of what I post as things I would say in a conversation with someone. That's all social media and blogging are - a conversation with others. Keep the conversation worth being involved in. Keep it honest, keep it real and keep it delivered with the best of intentions or they'll keep moving right past you to someone who does.

5.) Content: Ahhh content. A small word but huge in the fact that what you post can make or break you. Be considerate of what you post and consider that you're showing this to the world and it will ALWAYS be out there long after you're gone. Is it something you'd want your kids to see? Is it informative as far as your cause? Will it help someone? Is it entertaining? Videos and images seem to gain the most interest and you'll find that more people tend to share these with others. Keep your posts "vivid to the imagination", informational, and complete. Don't blog or post something that you haven't fully proofread or fact checked. Don't simply repost an article that a celebrity has passed away, make sure it's factual. There are way too many hoaxes out there and when you repost without researching first, it chips away at your credibility. While on the subject of reposting and retweeting, don't just repost everything you see. Only repost if it genuinely interests you. Not everything needs to be reposted. Don't be a regurgitator, be an originator. Don't just blah blah blah. There is no bigger turnoff than someone who just rambles with no point and no reason. Don't be one of THOSE bloggers. Stay focused, have a rhyme, have a reason.

6.) Draw Them In: The title or opening sentence of a post means everything. Make it enticing, make it interesting, don't give away all the info in your opener. Make them want to read more, keep them guessing. Catch their interest right away in a few words.

7.) Reference your Posts: If your blog post includes information from another blogger, website or publication, reference them properly. Don't use information that isn't yours without proper credit. Same with photos and videos - credit where they originally came from. Do the same with social media reposts - include the original source.

8.) Keep up With Comments: Always respond to comments, good, bad and ugly. Don't respond negatively, but at least make it know that you've seen and read the comment. The reason people leave comments is to let you know they took the time to read your blog/post, take the time to let them know you read their feedback.

9.) Ignore the Internet Trolls: An internet troll is someone who has nothing better to do with their time than complain, be mean, finger point, and just be an asshole. Sorry, but that's the best term to describe them. If you add fuel to the fire by acknowledging their rudeness, it just makes the fire burn hotter and longer and doesn't make you look any better than the troll by engaging in back and forth, argumentative conversation. They live for this, they live for conflict. Avoid it. Block them and move on.

Keep things are genuine as you can and you'll be surprised how quick your audience can grow. Surround yourself with an audience who has a genuine interest and cares about your subject matter and your numbers will grow organically on their own. Speaking of organic, your blog or social media page is like a garden - keep the weeds out and it will flourish beautifully.


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