Saturday, October 3, 2015


Have Mercy! Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon recently launched her “Southern Soundcheck” monthly playlist on her clothing and lifestyle retail website  Multi-Platinum selling country music superstar Scotty McCreery and his current hit song “Southern Belle” is featured among the 12 tracks on the inaugural list, which was curated by veteran music supervisor Anastasia Brown.

“Southern Belle” is the first single from McCreery’s upcoming album due out next year, and can be purchased at

“Honestly, as far as singles go, it’s probably the best response that I’ve gotten out of anything we’ve put out yet,” McCreery recently shared with Billboard. “This song kind of encompasses the goal of my music which is throwing the traditional parts in there that I love, but also keeping it edgy and modern.”

"I'm just trying to show folks, 'Look, that 16-year-old kid you saw on TV, he's grown up just like everybody else in life," McCreery told The Tennessean. "Here are the songs he's singing and what he's doing at 21 years old."

“It’s definitely a little sample of what's to come,” the ACM and CMT Award winner went on to tell Sports Illustrated. “It’s a new sound from the stuff I've done before. We’re experimenting in the studio, and it’s going to be a really fun record. We're still recording. We're still out there writing. But it's going to be great."

"I've written a lot more than I have in the past," McCreery shared with Country Weekly where he was featured in the magazine's Fall Fashion spread. "I'm excited to share that part of me as an artist and share the craft I've been working on."

"I've taken everything I've learned for the last four or five years and tried to put it into my voice for this record and my songs that I'm writing," the singer/songwriter told Arthur Kade at Behind The Velvet Rope. "I'm really in a good spot."

“The whole process has gotten more comfortable,” McCreery told the Albuquerque Journal  when talking about recording the new album. “When I first came into the business I was intimidated by all the guys in Nashville. Now, I’m able to speak up when I have an idea or I don’t like the direction a song is going. The goal is to make the best songs that we can and give them to the fans.”

"Anytime we're making a record, we're trying to change it up a little bit," he told Fox News Magazine.  "[We] throw the fans a little curveball. Keep 'em on their toes."

The entertainer has toured throughout the summer as the Special Guest on the Rascal Flatts RIOT Tour 2015, but that ends this weekend in Irvine, Calif. on Oct. 3 and Mountain View, Calif. on Oct. 4.  “I’ve learned a lot,” he told The Boot. ”I haven’t missed a Rascal Flatts show all year, unless I have to get out to get to another show, but if I’m there, I’m watching.” Recently he gave a quick glimpse of his tour bus and shared his five "must-haves" on the road with Rare Country. He will continue to do solo shows throughout the remainder of the year. Dates and ticket information can be found at

In McCreery’s honor, a team of fans known as “The Southern Belles” participated in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer in Nashville on Sept. 26. The group raised $4,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The team was organized by his fan club president, Sharon Eaves, who tragically passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 25. “Thanks to all the Southern Belles who walked and donated for today's St. Jude's walk in Nashville. Sharon Eaves would be proud," posted a bittersweet McCreery on his Facebook page on the afternoon of the walk.”

Turning 22 on Oct. 9, McCreery is looking forward to some well-deserved time off with his friends, as he described in in the aforementioned Billboard story. “I’m taking my bus. It’s meeting me in Raleigh, and I’m getting all my buddies, eight of us and we’re going to drive to Virginia and go see North Carolina State play Virginia Tech in football. And we’re gonna play a little golf along the way, so we’ll have a little bro kind of day.”

"I'm a lucky and a blessed guy," McCreery told FOX News Radio. "We're just having fun out here. I get to do what I love for a living...making music."

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