Wednesday, August 1, 2018


A lot of people don't understand why music is so important, why I'm so passionate about it. They don't seem to understand that it's not just a hobby for me no matter how I try to explain it and can't see the magic that I can see in it and why I believe so deeply and support those who create it. Here's the simple reason ... the gift these people have given me is more than I should expect anyone to understand, they've given me the gift of themselves which has in turn, given me the gift of knowing who I am.

I have several artists that I put my heart and soul into every day, many hours a day. I don't expect anything from these artists other than they continue to share what they've give me with others, to give the best of who they are to the people who their music affects and to just keep the music flowing. Some of them I have been blessed to become close friends with, almost family, while some of them I've never spoken to and have never heard even a hello from yet they all have a special importance to me and a place in my heart that is reserved just for them. They have shared with me and countless others their hearts and their passion through the gift of their music, their words, their creativity and their emotions. They may not realize it but every note and word they sing or write affects someone out there in some way whether it be through motivation, inspiration or whether it gives them the strength they need to move forward. The next time any of you (the artist) sings a song that you've sung a million times, sing it like it's brand new and really pay attention to what you're singing and how you're singing it. I know I sound like some weirdo but I'm just a passionate person when it comes to music and the power that it has over people and their emotions. Music is the only thing that can take you back to a particular place in time, a very moment, and make you remember things you'd long forgotten. It's the only thing that can speak to you when nothing else seems to be able to get through. One artist and song in particular got me out of a very dark place, an emotional hell that completely took away my self-esteem, my pride, my sense of self-worth and made me this depressed, sad person who just didn't care about myself or anyone else anymore. When I heard the song for the first time, I stopped what I was doing, really listened and realized that the words they were singing were so true and felt like that song was written just for me to bring me out of that place, that it was time for me to stop letting someone else hold me down and that it was time to be the person I'd been missing, to be myself again and I finally found that person and became an even better version of her. I've learned the value of self-esteem, the ability to love myself even when other people might not and the value of love and friendship, what it truly is and how important it truly is. To that artist, and they know who they are, thank you for changing my life and for giving me back my most important quality, belief in myself so that I can believe in others as well.

Thank you to the artists, musicians and songwriters I strive to promote, some I've never even spoken to but yet their gift of music speaks to me every day ... thank you for sharing who you are, some of you for sharing your friendship and love, your words, your hearts and your talent with so many others like me. Thank you for showing me the power of a song, for giving me reason to dance when no one else is looking, to sing at the top of my tone deaf lungs, to make a complete ass of myself, and to live by my own beat. You are appreciated more than you know and the least I can do is make sure that others at least know about you, have the chance to hear the music that's helped me so much. You are the reason I do what I do and you keep me on the path I know is the right one for me. Thank you.

Keep the inspiration, motivation and good music coming,

Love, Jenn

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