Friday, May 31, 2019


Matt Kennon is known for his emotional, heart wrenching and true to life songs that tug at listeners heart strings, and he is not afraid to bring attention to subjects that are uncomfortable. The long awaited and highly anticipated single “Love Is Stronger,” written by Mike Mobley and produced by Paul Worley has been released to radio by Grass Roots Promotion. "Love is Stronger" is available on all digital platforms for download and streaming here.

A thread that runs through the new music is definitely love, and its awe-inducing power to lift us up, stir our souls, or crush us in its wake when it goes. It’s a subject Kennon is intimately familiar with, and the material is well-suited for the hard-working artist who is finally coming into his own creatively and hitting his stride.

“I have always wanted to be known for recording the kind of music that heals, changes and save lives. “Love is Stronger” is impacting an incredibly large audience. It is a true story to many, and I could not be more excited to share this song with the world,” stated Matt Kennon. “Mike Mobley nailed it when he wrote it, Paul Worley nailed it when he produced it and Casting Life Films nailed the video. Here we Go!”

"A listener can choose to take or leave hope, the lyrics to this song reinforce that you can take hope with you," said Casting Life Films, Darren Williams. “The truth is...what we fight for....what we believe in...and lives are still taken from loved ones, how do we deal with that? This song gives listeners hope.”

Plans for the release of an official video and lyric video will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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