Friday, May 31, 2019


If you're looking for new artists and you're getting tired of the same old Top 40 repetition on today's country radio, check out these names you may or may not be familiar with. Some songs listed are new, some may have been out for quite awhile, and all are of various styles because one taste doesn't suit all palates. I'm simply introducing you to artists you might enjoy and music you might connect with.

If you find yourself liking someone, follow them on social media and let them know you enjoy their music. Please be sure to talk about and share any of the songs and artists you like on this list. I'm sure they'd appreciate it! One more thing, if you purchase and download a song, please be sure to leave a review. These help the artists and their teams more than you realize. If you like the song, let them know why you love it. If not, be constructive and honest (not mean) about why you don't like it so much.


"Love is Stronger"

"Rhinestone Rodeo"

"Headed for a Good Time"

"Ten Year Town"

"Missin' You Mississippi"

"Seminole Wind"

"Tank of Gas and a Radio Song"
"Rusty Strings"


"Hill Country Boogaloo"


"Leave Her Wild"

"Exit Sign"

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