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ARTIST: Stephanie Quayle
INTERVIEWER: Charlie Woods
DATE: July 12, 2019
VENUE: Jam in the Valley - Varysburg, NY

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If you're a supporter of females in country music, we highly recommend adding Stephanie Quayle to your list of artists. Newly inducted as a member of CMT's Next Women of Country Class of 2019,
Stephanie is breaking through with a banner year and making her presence known in this genre, not only through her vocals, but through her attitude, work ethic and relationships with other females in the genre, pushing them towards success as hard as she pushes herself.

Our "boots on the ground" favorite on site rep, Charlie Woods, had the chance to sit down with Stephanie for a few minutes before her performance at Jam in the Valley (and in an air conditioned SUV - ooh hoity toity ... LOL) and get to know her a little better.

Thank you to both  Stephanie and Charlie for taking the time out of their busy day so we can bring you up close and personal with this outstanding representative for the female voice. Thank you also to E.J. Bernas for making this happen. We appreciate you!

Charlie: You have a great bio. What attracted you to country music at such a young age and how did you go from living on a buffalo ranch to Music City?

Stephanie: Predominantly it was traditional country music. There was a silver am radio on the window. I was 15 years old in Freeburg, Switzerland. There was a band next to me at the cafe. They were looking for a singer. I have been on fire for music ever since. It has been 8 years in November that I have been in Nashville.

Charlie: You are a member of the 2019 CMT Next Women of Country and a role model for upcoming female artists. What advice would you give a young female artist getting started and some great advice you have received?

Stephanie: A little girl came to the show last night and I’m mentoring her. I got to see her and talk a little bit. It was so much fun. If you’re not having fun don’t do it. There are so many hours offstage that go into a show. The best advice I got was from my mother. She said “Only good will come of this.” No matter what is hard or worthwhile, life is going to happen. My parents never told me I can’t do something. If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen through all of the obstacles.

Charlie: What has been your biggest challenge as a female in a predominantly male industry and how are you adapting to and overcoming those challenges?

Stephanie: I don’t let the noise get between my ears. Any female that is in country music we cheer them on.

Charlie: What is your favorite song that you have released and why?

Stephanie: “Drinking with Dolly” was the first song released to country radio. It is a timeless and classic song. I played it on my Opry debut. The coolest thing is that I received a letter from Dolly Parton about the song.

Charlie: Tell us about a typical radio tour for you
Stephanie: Some days it is 5am- 1am. There may be 3 different stations we meet in a single day. You walk into a room full of strangers. It is sometimes for one person or a bigger group. You have to chase the momentum and grab onto it.

Charlie: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you lately?

Stephanie: Stanley is my horse. He was in my video for “If I was a Cowboy.” He thinks everything is a treat, especially my hair.

Charlie: What is your favorite current song out now by another artist?

Stephanie: Ashley McBryde's “Girl Going Nowhere”

Charlie: Your fan base, A Flock of Quayle, absolutely loves you. What would you say to them right now?

Stephanie: I am immeasurably grateful every single time I get to see them. Whether that is through social media or at a show. They take my breath away. It is great to see the friendships that happened because of the group of people that came together for me.

Charlie: What is your definition of country music?

Stephanie: Stories set to three cords and a truth.

Connect with Stephanie on social media, follow her on Spotify and Apple Music, and keep up with the latest happenings on her website at www.stephaniequayle.com

Request her latest single, "If I Was a Cowboy" on your local country stations. 

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