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Take a little time to rewind and simplify…. Bryan Wayne had to quickly learn to live out the lyrics from his single, “Simplify,” when he was diagnosed with terminal ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 2017. The hit singer/songwriter is best known for penning the debut hit single by Tommy Shane Steiner, “What If She's An Angel,” which landed at number two on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) chart. Bryan Wayne faced with the possibility of losing his ability to speak or sing, opted to keep a positive outlook and recorded his first ever full-length album, “While You Wait.” dedicated to bring awareness to ALS. "I wanted to put my own voice on songs I have written, so that my wife and two boys, friends and family and who knows maybe even the world could hear me forever no matter what.”

“While You Wait” is available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms here.

“I have decided that instead of being angry and bitter about my diagnosis, I am going to take this opportunity to remind my friends and family how fleeting life is, and how important it is to appreciate every second,” states Bryan Wayne. He shares inspiration and positive messages online at “...a place where people can go when they just need to restore their faith in humanity…”

As often happens in the country music community, Bryan’s Music Row friends came out of the woodwork to help. Hitmakers Big Kenny Alphin, Bonnie Baker, Chris DuBois, Ashley Gorley, John Rich, Adam Shoenfeld, and Neil Thrasher are among Bryan’s co-writers on the powerfully moving record. In addition, many of Nashville’s top session players and artists lent their talents to the recordings.

“While You Wait” was recorded in Big Kenny’s home studio, Starstruck Studios, and Dave Brainard's deciBel studio in Berry Hill. Bryan Wayne and Brian Kolb co-produced the project and subsequently mixed it at Kolb’s The Cabin studio.

Bryan still fears what lies ahead, but he’s facing it with an omnipresent smile and an unparalleled grace that touches everyone he comes in contact with.

When Bryan began selecting songs from his catalog for his album, “While You Wait”, he took a different approach than most. He wasn't looking for a three minute up-tempo smash that everyone can party and dance to, although he has those in his catalog. He was looking for songs that connect, songs that would allow him to interact with those who face their own challenges and with those who love a song with a deeper, positive meaning.  Mostly, he wanted to provide his family with an eternal piece of his heart, and the sound of his voice.

"While You Wait" Tracklist:

1. Wake Up World - Greg Bieck, Bryan Wayne
2. Still Beautiful - Christy Hoskins, Casey Moynihan, Bryan Wayne
3. While You Wait - Ashley Gorley, Bryan Wayne
4. A Good Day - Bryan Wayne
5. Simplify - John Rich, Big Kenny, Bryan Wayne
6. No More Rainy Days - Bonnie Baker, Bryan Wayne
7. Fly - Big Kenny, Bryan Wayne
8. The Forever Kind - David White, Bryan Wayne
9. Closer To Heaven - Jason Blaine, Tebey Ottoh, Bryan Wayne
10. Priceless - Chris DuBois, Bryan Wayne
11. Keep On Livin' - Jennifer Kennard, Adam Shoenfeld, Bryan Wayne
12. Just Wouldn't Leave It Alone - Neil Thrasher, Bryan Wayne
13. Slow Time Down - Jason Blaine, Noah Gordon, Bryan Wayne
14. What If She's An Angel - Bryan Wayne

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