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Nods for Desperate Man and “Some Of It” Mark Church’s Eighth and Ninth GRAMMY Nominations

Praised as “one of the most singular working artists in any genre” by Esquire, Eric Church earns two nominations at the upcoming GRAMMY Awards; Best Country Album for his critically acclaimed project, Desperate Man, and Best Country Song for his recent No. 1 hit, “Some Of It.”

Rolling Stone described the album in their July 2018 cover story as “classic Church: expertly crafted and country-radio-friendly, while also pushing boundaries in a way that sounds natural and unforced” and American Songwriter noted in their September/October 2018 cover story that it “sublimates the pain of a tumultuous year into his most adventuresome album yet.”

The album, Church’s sixth, was celebrated as one of the year’s best by American Songwriter, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Variety and Vulture, among others. This marks his third nomination for Best Country Album, having previously being honored for Chief and The Outsiders.

“Some Of It,” written by Church together with Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde and Bobby Pinson, recently topped the charts at Country radio and also marks his third nod in the Best Country Song category, following “Springsteen” and “Give Me Back My Hometown.”

As Vulture notes, the song “coyly opens with a list of simple truths — ‘Beer don’t keep, love’s not cheap, and trucks don’t wreck themselves’ — and builds to a chorus about life being a game of patience and learning. You think he’s singing about the value of wisdom, and then the bridge deals a haymaker: ‘What really makes you a man / Is being true to her till your glass runs out of sand,’” before noting he “weaves excellence out of ordinary threads.”

However, the reflective track almost didn’t make the album. Church notes, “I was playing the album for a dear friend of ours and my wife was with me. This person loved the album, but my wife said, ‘but let me play you what did not make it,’ and the first thing she played was ‘Some Of It.’ It was always a favorite song of mine, and I listened to it that night and it is just… I am going to regret if I do not record this song. I called my manager that night and said, ‘hey we have got to talk.’ The recording was done, the record was essentially done, but I said, ‘I have got to do this, I have to add this song.’ Initially, all the stuff that I thought was going to be the pillars for this album just bombed. But I think it’s really interesting that the album took on an identity that allowed ‘Some Of It’ to make it from where it started to where it is now, and it just fit in the dialogue. To me, it made the album. I loved the album before it was on there - but it might be my favorite album now that it’s on there, so that’s the way I look at it.”

Church, whose current single, “Monsters,” is currently climbing the charts, has also earned praise for his unique Double Down Tour, which concludes this weekend in Sacramento, Calif. after visiting nearly 30 markets for back-to-back nights of marathon shows sans-opening act.

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