Friday, December 13, 2019



Stephanie Owens shares the story about the making of her video supporting her current single, "Slingshot.” The Lynchburg, Virginia native reveals the song itself was inspired by her recovery story and comeback mentality. The uplifting and positive message story-line encourages listeners to keep pushing through and bounce back when faced with hardships in life. Watch the video behind the making of the official video for “Slingshot” on YouTube .

In addition to her powerful and emotional music, Stephanie has also launched "Good2BU - Embracing Your Story" School Assembly Program, in coordination with the National Eating Disorders Association, where she sings, shares her story, and talks about body positivity and social media pressures. More information can be found on her website at

"I am excited to give more of a glimpse into why I chose the specific storyline for this music video and share more about the imagery and metaphors that I wanted to portray,” emphasizes Stephanie Owens. “This video really captures my energetic personality and comeback mentality about life!”

“Stephanie is an artist I love collaborating with because she knows what she wants to say with her art and how to connect with people through it,” stated Logen Christopher, Stormlight Pictures. “For the ‘Slingshot’ music video, we really found a story that’s very personal to Steph, but, also, we think lots of people can relate to and connect with it.  Excited to release it!”

The official video for the song (see below) was featured by CMT Next Now. The song was added to the CMT Next Women of Country playlist on Spotify

Owens co-wrote the song with Evan Cline, and Melissa Sheridan with production by Brad Hill, Evan Cine, and Stephanie Owens. Download and stream the music on all digital platforms, including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon here.

Stay current with everything Stephanie Owens on her website: and on social media.

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