Tuesday, February 11, 2020


11,000+ music industry members have received free healthcare advocacy and support
in the non-profit’s first seven years

Music Health Alliance (MHA), the only non-profit named to Billboard’s Country Power Players list in 2019, has saved more than $50,000,000 in healthcare costs for the nationwide music community. Based in Nashville, MHA has provided free healthcare advocacy and support to more than 11,000 music industry members in the non-profit’s first seven years - songwriters, musicians, performers, producers, engineers, artist managers, agents, publishers, business managers, and more - by providing access to lifesaving transplants, medicine, mental health resources, end of life care and many other necessary services.

Since 2013, MHA has:

 -Generated $50,000,000 in healthcare costs saved including insurance premium savings, medical bill reductions and medications, including:

- $27 million saved in medical costs

- $23 million in health insurance costs reductions

- Served 11,000 members of the music community nationwide in all genres of music from birth to end of life at no cost, including:

- Resources for 8,725 music professionals to pay for healthcare

- Connected 5,944 music professionals with doctors, clinics, hospitals and counselors

- Provided 1,558 clients with mental health resources

- Provided 1,136 clients with dental care

- Saved 560 families saved from bankruptcy due to medical bills

- Provided 13 clients with access to life-saving organ transplants

- Facilitated 251 trauma counseling sessions for Las Vegas shooting survivors and their families

- Saved $21 million in medical bill grant requests for numerous music industry foundations, further assisting the person in need

In 2019 alone, MHA saw a 40% increase in clients served during the six-week open enrollment season, totaling 3,100 members of the music community and more than $7.6 million in insurance premiums and out-of-pocket cost savings.

Music Health Alliance’s Cowboy Jack Clement Fund – “The JackPot” - entirely funded by MHA’s health insurance commissions, has granted $182,000 to 707 financially vulnerable clients to offset medical needs not covered by health insurance. In 2019, MHA launched a group health insurance division, currently serving more than 20 groups, with all health insurance commissions going directly to the fund.

Launched in 2018 in Middle Tennessee, the Ben Eyestone Fund has provided 89 music professionals with access to diagnostic healthcare. The one-of-a-kind resource has produced over $3.5 million in cost-savings and, more importantly, saved lives. In 2020, the fund has expanded to provide nationwide diagnostic care to the uninsured and underinsured music community. For every $1 donated to the Ben Eyestone Fund, MHA is able to deliver $75 in diagnostic healthcare and treatment.

While based in Nashville, in serving the entire music community, MHA has developed a one-of-its-kind database of sliding-scale and no-cost healthcare, mental health, preventative and dental care resources.

Entirely funded through grants and individual and corporate donations, financial support from the music community is critical to continue Music Health Alliance’s advocacy and free services. For every $1 donation, MHA is able to provide $30 in life-saving healthcare resources to Heal The Music. MHA fights so those in our industry never have to feel alone in a health crisis and removes obstacles so patients can receive lifesaving care. MHA continues to advocate on behalf of songwriters, producers, audio engineers, musicians, recording artists, publishers and more across the country. Thanks to the direct efforts of MHA, members of the music community across the country have gained access to lifesaving transplants, medicine, mental health resources, end of life care and many other necessary services. Its services are free to any person who has worked in the music industry for three or more years or who has credited contributions to 4 commercially released recordings or videos. Spouses, partners, and children of qualifying individuals may also receive access to the non-profit’s services from birth to end of life.

To learn more about Music Health Alliance’s free services:

Contact MHA at 615-200-6896 or info@musichealthalliance.com.

Donate to Music Health Alliance at: MusicHealthAlliance.com/donate-to-heal

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