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Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Member Mac Davis passed away last evening at the age of 78. He leaves behind a legacy of hits both as a writer and as an artist including “Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me,” “I Believe in Music,” “Texas In My Rear View Mirror,” and “Hooked On Music.” As a songwriter, he composed hits for many notable artists including Elvis, Nancy Sinatra, B.J. Thomas and many more. Davis was also an entertainer with his own variety show, “The Mac Davis Show”. He also  appeared in favorites such as The Dukes of Hazzard, Murder She Wrote, North Dallas Forty, Cheaper to Keep Her, The Sting II  and more.

Above all of the above mentioned talents, his biggest and most important achievement was his ability to touch the lives of others.

Below are just some of the many memories shared by his friends:

“American music has just lost a premiere singer, songwriter, entertainer, and a genuinely great human being. In a year already fraught with sacrifice and loss this is another one that is hard to process. Goodbye Mac Davis… until the day…” 
- The Oak Ridge Boys

“Mac Davis was such a great guy and an amazing writer. One of the best in the business and a wonderful friend. This is a huge loss to the music industry. His family is in my prayers.” 
- B.J. Thomas

“There’s no way to express the grief that we feel about Mac Davis. The entertainment industry will miss this great talent and beautiful American. We pray for his family and those that love him” 
- Lee Greenwood 

"This is another loss for the greatest era in American contemporary music with the passing of this extremely talented soul, Mac Davis"
 - Sam Moore

“I cherish the tours I had with Mac Davis and was thrilled to work the Nevada casinos with him. He made a huge impact in our world of country music, and greatly respected. Love you Mac.”
 -  Janie Fricke

We’ve just lost one of the greatest singer/songwriters that I’ve known in my lifetime. Say Hello To Heaven Mac Davis.” 
 - David Frizzell

“I’m so very heartbroken with the loss of Mac Davis, one of the world’s greatest writers, singers, and actors, but above all of that, he was a dear friend. He was always quick to shed light on other’s talents and help them shine. I’m grieving for his precious wife Lise and their family. I pray God will comfort her during this very sad and difficult time. I’ll always cherish the memories he pressed between the pages of my mind.” - Kelly Lang

“Mac Davis was a music trifecta: he could write, he could sing, he could entertain—and he was great at all three. In the mid-'70s, I remember inching up to the television as a boy and watching the Mac Davis Show. My favorite part of the show was when Mac ventured into the crowd and asked the audience members to shout out a person, place, or thing. He then asked them to give him a scenario, and on the spot, he would make up a song. No wonder he became a member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

It was a big moment for me when I met and worked with my hero years later. The last time I saw Mac we were in the studio together and he was singing me one Beatles' song after another as his alter ego Max Birnbaum. I laughed until I cried. Mac had a wicked sense of humor. He will be missed. We have lost one of the greats.” 
- Tim Atwood

"I came across Mac Davis telling a story about Elvis. He’d been invited to see a movie with Elvis at a theater. He told the story in such a warm and funny way that I watched him tell it several times and actually wished I could have met him. Then I learned that he wrote the song "Memories" and I was really moved. This is such a beautiful, incomparable song that words can’t express my admiration for it. Here’s to Mac Davis. You were a Good Ol Boy for sure and I sure wish I could have met you for a beer or two."
 - Don McLean

“I am praying for my friend Mac Davis and his family. I can’t believe this and will see you on the other side. I love you Mac!” 
- Johnny Lee

“I am very saddened to hear about the passing of Mac Davis. I met him at Vince Gill’s golf tournament and I saw him at that same event for several years. He was always fun and funny! What a songwriter.  “In The Ghetto” is one of the best songs ever! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. God Bless.”
 - T. Graham Brown

“Thank you Mac for all the amazing songs you’ve contributed and shared with the world …. "A Little Less Conversation” and a lot more. God bless.”
 - Andrew Farriss 

"Bunches and bunches of love with angels all around. Love you Mac!" 
- Lacy J. Dalton

"It’s strange, out of the blue last week, I was thinking about Mac Davis and his television show I watched when I was young. I thought that the most memorable part of the show is when he would go into the audience and ask someone to make up a song title. He would then, on the spot, create a small song with the title. It was incredible. He was an unbelievable songwriter and singer and will be so missed." 
– Jeff Carson

“So saddened with the loss of Mac Davis and my heart is so heavy for his family, friends and fans. I have never heard of anyone who didn’t love Mac….everything about him. I just recently featured him on my SXM show and talked about his humor as well as his writing and that, like Roger Miller, he had a way of putting it all together. He will be remembered with love and laughter.”
 – Jeannie Seely

"Mac was the real deal - a brilliant songwriter, wonderful entertainer, great TV host and actor. For years, we shared Managers (Jim Morey), and we always heard from him what a genuinely nice guy Mac was. A true loss - RIP."
 –Marlon Hargis / Exile

"Mac Davis was a national treasure. His songs, his voice, his stories, his funny sweet nature, and his tv and movie rolls will live on forever in the hearts of all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him, but as well in the hearts of strangers cause Mac never knew a stranger. He will be greatly missed. Rest well friend...we rejoice in your name today as you move on to the promised land!" 
–Heidi Newfield

"I was fortunate to be friends with Mac over the years. We had a lot of fun working on Rodney Carrington's television series together. With great respect, may he RIP."
 –Steve Dorff

“As a young wanna be songwriter in Kentucky watching Mac Davis on his Mac Davis Hour was an inspiration and lesson in the magic of creativity. He would ask the audience to give him a song idea or title and he would come up with a song right on the spot. It showed the genius he was. He made it look fun and easy yet at the same time, totally professional and I was in awe of his talent. I realized then I would love to do that. I loved that he kept reinventing himself and kept writing and writing, sharing his talents with younger Nashville songwriters. Everyone wanted to write with him. He was one of a kind and will be missed.”
 –Kent Blazy

One of Mac’s most successful songs, “It’s Hard To Be Humble,”  became a worldwide hit in 1980. I found it ironic, because Mac truly was one of the most humble humans on earth. Hist heart was full of humor, love and compassion. Qualities all too rare these days. Our condolences go out to his wife, Lise, sons Scott, Noah and Cody on their loss.” 
–Dallas Wayne / SiriusXM

“ When my song, “One More Day” was number one, Mac got my number from BMI and called to congratulate me. I had never met him, but he was my first introduction to how songs were written when, on his weekly TV show, he would take an audience member's song idea and write a song right there on the spot. I was just a little kid but I would try to be like him and write my songs. Never dreaming that years later, he would invite me to come write with him in L. A.  Mac and I would write and then he'd tell me stories and I would request songs for him to sing until 1 AM.  It was like my own private show with him singing “Texas In My Rearview Mirror”, “Watching Scotty Grow”, “In The Ghetto”, plus some obscure album tracks and some brand new songs. He wrote songs for Elvis, Glen Campbell, Dolly, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Bobby Bare, Kenny Rogers and more recently, Bruno Mars, Weezer and Blake Shelton. He starred on Broadway, was ACM Entertainer of the Year, had many hits as an artist, starred in numerous movies and TV shows, headlined in Vegas, but most importantly, a great husband, father and a very kind man.  He will be missed so much.”
– Bobby Tomberlin

“ Very sad tonight! I just heard that legendary singer, songwriter and actor, Mac Davis has passed away after heart surgery. I grew up watching The Mac Davis show and loving his talent. This is heartbreaking!”
- Travis Tritt

“Thank-you for all the great music, poetry and songs Mac. You will truly be Loved Missed and Remembered Forever. Our prayers are with your family. 🕊🌹🕊#RestInPeaceMacDavis”
- Deborah Allen

“ I am heartbroken this morning learning of the passing of my friend Mac Davis. He was an incredible songwriter and guitar player. He’d penned songs for Elvis to Avicii. More importantly, he was a great husband and a father. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Love ya Mac”
- Jake Owen

"Mac was a great singer, songwriter and all around entertainer. He will be missed by many." 
- Jeff Cook, ALABAMA (Country Music Hall of Fame member)
“I was saddened to hear about Mac Davis' passing. He was a great talent and a lot of fun to be around. I got to know him while producing the 'White Limozeen' album for Dolly Parton. Condolences to his family for their loss.” 
- Ricky Skaggs (Country Music Hall of Fame member)
"I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Mac Davis. Mac has been a friend since way back in Atlanta when we both first started out as kids. Rest in peace, Mac." 
- Ray Stevens (Country Music Hall of Fame member)
"Another dear friend, Mac Davis, has left for home. The toughest part of his passing is that I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye and how much I loved being his friend. My thoughts and prayers are with his incredible wife Lise and his family. This one’s going to hurt for a long time, but I will always have some of the greatest 'memories pressed between the pages of my mind.'" -T.G. Sheppard
"Mac Davis was a Texan. That’s a good place to start. He was one of the very best singer-songwriter-entertainers... ever! He was funny. Very funny! He was a good golfer. He always thought he could beat me and he did beat me, about half the time, which helped make for a great friendship. Last night, he did beat me. He beat me to Heaven. See ya later, old friend. I miss ya already."
 - Larry Gatlin 
"Sad news today as I learned Mac Davis has passed away. Yet another music giant leaves us in 2020. Mac was a very kind man. Easy to be around. I first met Mac in 1994 at our Number One party for my song 'Little Rock.' I remember being stunned that a writer/artist of that magnitude took the time to show up and share that moment with me. Mac was a true voice of my youth... from the songs he wrote early on for artists like Kenny Rogers and The First Edition and Bobby Goldsboro, to his own huge hits as an artist like 'Baby, Don’t Get Hooked On Me,' 'Texas In My Rear View Mirror,' 'Hooked On Music,' which was my favorite, and 'It's Hard to Be Humble.' He was a truly tremendous talent. May God be with you, Mac. At this moment and forever." 
-Collin Raye

One thing that we always had in common with Mac Davis was that we recorded our first records at the same place in Muscle Shoals, Alabama with record producer Rick Hall. We always talked about those days whenever we were around each other. What a talented singer and songwriter he was!  Thanks for leaving us such great music to remember you by, Mac. Rest in peace, brother." 
- Marty Raybon & Mike McGuire, Shenandoah 
"He was one of the great entertainers, and he will be surely missed by all people who knew him and his music. He was a very kind man to me. God bless his family." 
- Moe Bandy
"I had the privilege of being in Mac’s presence many times. We golfed and sang for great causes together. He was bigger than life, yet down to earth. Talent beyond measure. We all wanted to write songs like Mac wrote. We all will miss you, sir." 
- Larry Stewart, Restless Heart
“Although I met Mac only once, at a dinner party, he was so warm and kind that I felt as if I’d known him much longer, as a friend. He was a wise man who had seen much success and much pain in his lifetime of incredible achievements. After dinner, he gladly accepted our host’s guitar and gave us all a private performance that we will never forget.  My deepest condolences go out to Lise and Mac’s family, friends and fans around the globe. May the knowledge that Mac is now in the presence of his savior, Jesus Christ, bring comfort to us all.” 
- Dave Innis, Restless Heart  
"Mac Davis was a triple threat entertainer — from his songwriting, to his singing, to his acting. That's the kind of career most people only dream of achieving.”
 -Smith & Wesley

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