Thursday, September 3, 2020


Charlie Daniels Brand, Inc. was announced earlier this week as a new venture focusing on product branding and licensing, various Charlie Daniels legacy projects, as well as official CDB merchandise. The new company today revealed its exciting first endeavor, a partnership with Tyler Country Market to provide the renowned retailer’s Black Label Reserve steaks to fans of the late Country Music Hall of Famer. Known for superior flavor and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, fans will initially have access to Charlie Daniels signature Black Label Reserve ribeye, sirloin and filet steaks exclusively through A portion of the profits will benefit Charlie’s The Journey Home Project to aid veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

“Charlie was actively involved in developing this new premium steak product offering before he passed. And as a longtime friend and customer of the Morriss family’s Country Market in Tyler, Charlie wanted to share his favorite steaks with his fans. He would be overjoyed to know the veterans will benefit from this amazing partnership.”

 - Hazel Daniels and son Charlie, Jr.

Black Label Reserve steaks are sourced from USDA Choice graded beef from a select herd in the Omaha area, hand-cut and aged for maximum taste and tenderness. The premium steaks are always graded in at least the top 2/3 of Choice - marbled to perfection. 

The ribeyes are boneless, hand-cut, with lip on and wet aged a minimum of 21 days. The filets are hand-cut and lean, fork tender and wet aged a minimum of 14 days for tremendous flavor and texture. The sirloins are hand-cut, have a bold beefy flavor, and are aged a minimum of 21 days for tenderness and superior flavor. The 12-ounce ribeyes, 8-ounce filets and 16-ounce sirloins are individually vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness and flavor and arrive in unique Charlie Daniels decorative packaging. Unique to the Tyler Country Market, steaks can be shipped fresh or frozen.

“I’ve been friends with Charlie Daniels, his family and management team for decades. We think about Charlie’s unique caring spirit and kindness every day. A cattleman himself, he had a special caring relationship with the herd on his ranch. We really do miss Charlie.” - Steve Morriss, Tyler Country Market CEO. 

Fans can order steaks from the comfort and safety of their home through the store 24 hours a day. The steaks, including seasoning and grilling tips, are shipped in insulated containers. Fresh steaks arrive via overnight shipping, temperature controlled by gel packs. Frozen steaks arrive via two-day express shipping, temperature controlled by dry ice. 

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