Thursday, September 3, 2020


Video Attracts Worldwide Audience on Facebook and YouTube

Country Music Hall of Fame member Ray Stevens has once again "broken the internet." In May, Stevens, who is known worldwide for his classic southern-style comedy music, debuted his latest tune, “The Quarantine Song," on RFD-TV’s Larry’s Country Diner. Following the airing, the video went live on the internet and quickly caught fire. “The Quarantine Song” just surpassed one million views on YouTube and currently boasts 6.8 million views on Facebook— totaling an audience of more than 7.5 million.
“Who'd a thunk it!" exclaimed Stevens upon hearing the news of the video's online success.
On “The Quarantine Song” video, a mask and glove-clad Stevens highlights the daily struggles of living through the era of COVID-19.
"I avoid old folks and should I sneeze, I do it in my elbow, or up my sleeve," sings Stevens. "Six feet apart, that is the rule, and I pray for the day the kids can go back to school. I'm washing my hands like a raccoon with OCD. I’ve watched Hulu, Roku, Netflix, PBS and BBC!"
“The Quarantine Song” was written by longtime Stevens pal Buddy Kalb and Nashville songwriter Joe Babcock.


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Steve Patterson said...

Very entertaining and pertinent as usual.