Tuesday, October 6, 2020


McKenzies Mill is back y’all! Brothers Ryan and Justin Harris are re-energized after a quiet couple of years and ready to rock their unique southern NC sound with a new single, Going Down Swingin’
their last being 2017’s Middle of Nowhere, and a long awaited brand new 15 track album, their first album since their self-titled 2010 release. They went all out for the new album with famed producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) at the helm and mixing by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Fleetwood Mac)). It’s gonna have something for everyone. The single is set for release by the end of the year with the album release set to follow in early 2021. No specific dates set as of this time. 

Going Down Swingin’ isn’t one you’ll want to listen to quietly. It’s a speaker blaster, yet still somewhat reserved with a distinct message they want made crystal clear. It’s been a long road and not an easy drive by any means, with various unexpected twists and turns and a lengthy detour, but these guys are back on the road to the right destination. Going Down Swingin’ is an anthem of southern grit and gumption, dogged determination and the refusal to back down, not only in an industry that can be less than friendly to independent artists, but to the many obstacles life can unexpectedly throw at you .Their dad always told them to stand up even if things don’t go the way you wish they would and if you have to go down, you don’t give in easy, you go down swingin’. I think those words resonate with us all right now.

They’ve worked their asses off to bring great new music at the time we all need something, anything, other than what 2020 has served up so far. This, both single and album, is something this year’s finally gotten right.

“Going Down Swingin’” is currently being played throughout the month of October on odd-numbered days at 4:39pm ET on the following stations as part of the Carolina Country Artist Showdown: 

93.9 FM Carolina Country in Myrtle Beach, SC
93.7 FM Carolina Country in Georgetown, SC
106.3 FM Carolina Country in Wilmington, NC
100.1 FM in Fayetteville, NC

Please vote by following the steps below:

1.) Click the Carolina Country Artist Showdown Facebook Group Link HERE 

2.) Request to Join the Group

3.) Wait for Approval of the Group

4.) Cast Your Vote!

You can vote the entire month of October, however it is only a ONE TIME vote.

You can connect with Ryan and Justin at their website www.mckenziesmill.com and on social media. 

Go Get Your Vote In!! 

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