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Today, multi-platinum selling country band BlackHawk released its new project, Just About Right: Live From Atlanta. Recorded live at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Georgia in the fall of 2017 — when concerts were still a thing — the 22-track album features the best of BlackHawk and is sure to “bring back memories” (Parade). 
Known for their smooth, brother-like harmonies, BlackHawk was originally made up of trio Henry Paul (lead vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar), Dave Robbins (harmony vocals, keyboard) and the late Van Stephenson (harmony vocals, electric guitar). 
Just About Right: Live From Atlanta revisits the band's “impressive catalog” with a double-disc album chock-full of its greatest hits (Wide Open Country). Recording a live album, BlackHawk is stripped down to its rawest form and gave the duo a chance to reunite with their original backing band from the 90s, performing again alongside Bobby Huff (percussion) and Dale Oliver (lead guitar). Paul explains that this reunion “made for a very memorable musical moment. Many of the songs we chose were personal favorites from our early records spanning nearly a decade.” 
The album includes the band’s smash hits: “I Sure Can Smell the Rain,” “Every Once in a While,” “Goodbye Says It All,” “Down in Flames” and more. Parade applauded the new album when it premiered “I Sure Can Smell the Rain” writing the velvet-like harmonies “sets the scene for a stellar album to come” and that the “live feel adds an extra dimension to this poignant song, allowing the sweet twang and passionate energy to shine through.” 
American Songwriter premiered the poignant “Dances With Her Shadow” adding the “melancholy vocals flatter the band, displaying their traditionalist form with which they timelessly approach music.” 
“Making a live BlackHawk acoustic recording takes me back to when Henry, Van, and I started writing and singing together as a trio,” says Dave Robbins. “It’s representative of BlackHawk in its purist form, having old friends join us on stage and tried-and-true fans makes everything ‘just about right’ on that special night in Atlanta.” 
 “I especially love the acoustic nature of this collection because it casts these songs in the true spirit in which they were written,” adds Paul.
Just About Right: Live From Atlanta is out now and available everywhere music is sold or streamed.

Just About Right: Live From Atlanta Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Down in Flames (M. Clark, J. Stevens) 
2. Goodbye Says It All (C. Black, B. Fischer, J. McRae) 
3. Every Once in a While (H. Paul, D. Robbins, V. Stephenson)
4. Love Like This (P. Bunch, M. Kennedy, P. Rose)
5. Let Em’ Whirl (H. Paul. V. Stephenson, G. Jennings)
6. Almost a Memory Now (D. Robbins, V. Stephenson, D. Oliver)
7. Wichita (D. Robbins, T. Robbins, T. Gates)
8. I’m Not Strong Enough to Say No (R. Lange)
9. Ships of Heaven (V. Stephenson)
10. Ain’t No Yesterday (W. Aldridge, M. Narmore)
11. Always Have, Always Will (D. Robbins)
Disc 2

1. Days of America (H. Paul, D. Robbins, L. Miller)
2. Dances With Her Shadow (H. Paul, D. Robbins, V. Stephenson, D. Oliver)
3. Bluest Eyes in Texas (D. Robbins, V. Stephenson, T. DuBois)
4. Spirit Dancer (H. Paul, D Robbins, J. Peterick)
5. There You Have It (S. Bogard, R. Giles)
6. Brothers of the Southland (H. Paul, D. Robbins, J. Peterick)
7. One More Heartache (H. Paul, D. Robbins, V. Stephenson)
8. I Sure Can Smell the Rain (W. Aldridge, J. Jarrard)
9. That’s Just About Right (J. Black)
10. Postmarked Birmingham (P. Vasser, D. Sampson)
11. Big Guitar (H. Paul, H. Gross)
Produced by Henry Paul & Dave Robbins
Mixed by Travis Hearheart
Recorded at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia

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