Friday, April 9, 2021


Courtney Dickinson's new single "Convenience Store'' is for anyone who has ever felt used and unappreciated in a relationship. Clever writing, by Dickinson and Erik Halbig, and soft yet powerful vocals perfectly portray the strength in finally saying no. With her personality poured into it, “Convenience Store'' delivers the right amount of sass, strength and bubbly Georgian spirit, just like Courtney. It is an instant country singalong that will get stuck in your head all day, but fair warning - after listening to it, you might have a strong urge to send it to THAT person. Listen here… and then do it!

“I am so excited to finally release “Convenience Store.” This song is one of my favorites I have ever written. My writing partner, Erik Halbig, and I were actually having trouble coming up with something to write, but once the idea hit, I just knew we had to write it. It’s a fun way of telling that certain someone that texts you at midnight that you aren’t just there only at their convenience. It really became an empowerment song and I am really proud of that,” said Dickinson.

Courtney has been hard at work throughout the pandemic perfecting her craft, writing new music and playing live streams. She has also picked up some new hobbies including baking and refinishing furniture given to her by her beloved grandparents, keeping their memory alive. Courtney can’t wait to get back on the road when things are safe and meet new fans soon!

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