Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Mascitti’s Retro Video was Directed by Tillis

Nashville-based country artist and songwriter Lauren Mascitti and country music legend Pam Tillis recently collaborated on the music video for Mascitti’s new single “One Life Stand” (produced by Shawn Camp). Directed by Tillis, the clip premiered on Taste of Country and is featured on CMT.com and Ditty.TV. The enchanting retro piece was filmed on location in Shelbyville, TN on Flagship Detroit, the oldest DC-3 still flying, in Nashville at The Dive Motel, and at Pearl Diver, a tiki-bar and restaurant owned by Pam’s husband and producer, Matt Spicher.

Tillis and Mascitti met in 2004 in Branson, Missouri. Mascitti was only twelve years old at the time, working in a theater where Tillis often made appearances, when one of Tillis’ friends brought her to one of Pam’s shows and introduced the pair. They have worked together on a few occasions since meeting.

“I think Lauren is the total package. A voice like velvet. Smart, beautiful, she has the drive, but she’s also the most sensitive and caring person you’ll ever meet. She has total integrity with her music and as a woman,” adds Tillis.

Pam Tillis is a GRAMMY-award winner, member of the Grand Ole Opry, and platinum-selling artist. In addition to being a chart-topping and best-selling country singer-songwriter, Tillis enjoys directing and mentoring young artists. She began mentoring artists about 4 years ago, and as she worked with these young women, she eventually began to direct photo shoots. This led to the discovery of her love for being on the other side of the camera, composing shots, and making artists look their best. Tillis adds that it is, “the joy of creating with a different medium that really kept [her] going during the pandemic.” Her “One Life Stand” collaboration follows a track that Tillis and her husband helped Lauren produce in 2010, an experience that led her to say that Mascitti’s “drive and talent were unmistakable.”

“Pam is not only one of the most gifted artists and writers I’ve ever written with, but she has always been so kind to me. I started coming to Nashville around the age of 12 and even back then, she and her husband Matt Spicher were so quick to take me under their wing and offer up their friendship, kindness, and advice. Getting to work with Pam on this video was a full-circle moment for me, and a true honor. Not to mention so much fun!”

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Your beautiful Lauren you deserve the greatness because you share your love in a beautiful way. Good luck!