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Country Music Trailblazer Guests this Morning on 650 AM WSM's
'Coffee, Country & Cody'

Tonight He Enters the Grand Ole Opry’s Hallowed Stage for Live Performance

'American Songwriter' Premieres Title Track, "Book of My Blues"

"Mark Collie is back! Better than ever, if that’s possible."
-Billy Bob Thornton

Country music trailblazer, sought-after actor and talented musician Mark Collie has released his latest album, "Book of My Blues", available everywhere today via BFD/Audium Nashville/Orchard in association with Harvest Entertainment, Creator Label Co., and Collie Kuhl Music.

In celebration of the new album’s release, Collie will guest on this morning’s edition of 650 AM WSM’s Coffee, Country & Cody (9:00 a.m. / CT), speaking candidly about the project with awarded radio host Bill Cody. Later tonight, the Tennessee native will step into the hallowed circle at the Grand Ole Opry for his first post-pandemic performance of the southern gothic-inspired album. Collie's Opry performance can be heard at and, plus Opry and WSM mobile apps, SiriusXM, and 650 AM WSM.

“Thanks to everyone who helped bring this project to life,” says Collie. “It’s been great sharing some initial tracks and videos, but more than anything I’m excited for the fans to get the entire album experience today."

Book of My Blues was derived from the graphic novel Rockabilly Hitman that Collie wrote in collaboration with renowned film director Jonathan Hensleigh (The Punisher, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Armageddon and the soon-to-be-released Ice Road starring Liam Neeson). The novel depicts the exploits of rockabilly singer Jesse Wayne Hardin and his adventures on the road, exploring emotional themes — love, lust, betrayal, addiction, recovery, damnation and redemption.

Hensleigh co-wrote the track “The Son of a Gun” alongside Collie, played violin on the recording, and directed the album’s music videos. He will join Collie tonight on the Opry stage (playing violin) and this morning on Coffee, Country and Cody.

Of the twelve tracks, many have already been applauded. Respected country music historian/journalist, Robert K. Oermann of MusicRow hails “The Son of a Gun” as “dramatic and forceful.” While on “Born Ready,” he writes, “That Waylon/outlaw beat gets me every time. And it fits this renegade/rebel song perfectly. Welcome back, buddy. We’ve missed ya.”

Wide Open Country  premiered the upbeat “A Little Every Day,” describing the track as a “message to a weary world” and a “call for love and understanding.”

Co-written by Collie and longtime friend and renowned actor Billy Bob Thornton, the official music video for title track “Book of My Blues” was featured by American Songwriter, noting the concept album in its entirety as a “thorough Outlaw entrance,” applauding that Collie has “carefully crafted a legacy for those who follow him to adhere to.” Watch the video here.

"Mark Collie is back!" raves Thornton. "Better than ever, if that’s possible. What a record he’s made for us, both musically and lyrically. Classic Collie. I’m proud to be just a small part of it. We started writing ‘Book of My Blues’ somewhere, and finished it somewhere else.”

Recently, Collie was a guest on News Channel 5’s Talk of the Town (CBS/Nashville), where he spoke about writing the tune with Thornton: watch here. And, don’t miss Collie’s exclusive performance of “Book of My Blues” on WSMV-TV’s Today in Nashville (NBC/Nashville) on Wednesday, July 14 at 11:00 am/CT.

Out today, "Book of My Blues" is available everywhere music is sold or streamed. To purchase or download the record, click here. For more information on "Book of My Blues" and Mark Collie, visit

Book of My Blues Track Listing:

1. Book of My Blues (Mark Collie, Billy Bob Thornton)
2. Born Ready (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg, Gary Nicholson)
3. On the Wings of Your Love (Mark Collie)
4. Right This Wrong (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg)
5. Matchbox (Carl Perkins)
6. Holly Springs (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg, Chad Cromwell)
7. Unfinished Hurting (Mark Collie, Tom Douglas)
8. Queen of A Hungry Heart (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg, Chad Cromwell)
9. Sinking Sand (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg, Chad Cromwell)
10. Hey Boba Lou (Ronnie Hawkins, Jacqueline MaGill, Robbie Robertson)
11. Put the Gun Down (Mark Collie)
12. Walk the Floor, Kill the Lights, Slam the Door (Mark Collie, John Scott Sherrill)
13. A Little Every Day (Mark Collie, Kenny Greenberg, Chad Cromwell)
14. The Son of a Gun (Mark Collie, Jonathan Hensleigh)
15. Night Train to Memphis (Owen Bradley, Marvin Hughes, Beasley Smith)

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