Friday, June 11, 2021


Some good stuff available at digital outlets everywhere this week - check 'em out and #sharethemusic! If you are able to leave a review on the outlet you use, please do so and let them know how you like the song. These reviews are so helpful to an artist and their team. If you don't like the song, be constructive in your review, not rude. The point is to help these artists, not discourage. And yes, I know there are LOTS of good songs that have been released the past week or two and they're not all listed here. What I choose to list are songs by artists that aren't saturating corporate country radio but are just as good, if not better, than those that are and artists that don't get the push they should.

Be sure to check out the artist's websites and find out more about them and the latest tour dates. Connect with them on social media.


“Ain’t Got a Shot” - Nate Barnes

"Rock My Soul" - The Oak Ridge Boys

“Here We Go” - Paul Thorn

“Marry Me Again” - Gord Bamford

“Busy Doin’ Nothin’” - Bryan White

“You Look Good” - Clay Walker

“Boy Like Me” - Aaron Goodvin

“These Boots Were Made to Dance” - Clayton Smalley & Timothy Baker

"The Kind You Write Songs About" - Rob Mayes

“Burns Like Whiskey” - Johnny Dailey

"Paycheck" - Derek Austin

"Up Right" - Josh Gallagher

"Desperado" - Dave Fenley

"Lake Life" - Kyle Jennings

"More of Us" - Matt Kennon

"Catch Me" - Gary Quinn

"Drink For That" - Raleigh Keegan

"Rewind" - Kyle Park

"Right Where I Belong" - Johnny Reid

"Folsom Prison Blues" - Kameron Marlowe

"Bar Friends" - Restless Road

"Remember It Wrong" - Brennley Brown

"Two Trick Pony" - Ryan Nelson

"Til You Can't" - Cody Johnson

"Lies of My Fears" - MaRynn Taylor

“Good for Me” - Cotter Hill


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