Thursday, January 20, 2022


Award-winning broadcaster and podcaster, Candy O’Terry and Music City Mentor, Jacy Dawn Valeras have released another episode in their joint podcast project, Country Music Success Stories. The new podcast is an intimate conversation with the undisputed expert in the fine art of making hit music, Jim Messina. Subscribe to the podcast here and listen on all podcast platforms here.

"May I be brutally honest here? Doing interviews (at times) can be kind of like sitting at the dentists’ office waiting to have a tooth to be extracted and wondering if this will ever end, but with Candy and Jacy, the moment they turned on the gas - WOW - It was really a GAS!" exclaimed Jim Messina. "I was very uplifted and inspired to answer their questions, all of which were interesting, intelligent and certainly a lot of fun when asked to revisit those moments that were shelved deep into my life and career. Thank you for being so kind and supportive for all these years."

“There was a moment when Jim met us on his farmer's porch in rural Tennessee when I had to check myself and ask: "Is this really happening? Am I about to sit down with a legend?" This episode of Country Music Success Stories is a deep conversation that reveals the heart and soul of the man. Jacy and I came away from it knowing that Jim Messina is more than an icon. He's a treasure,” shared Candy O'Terry.

“Having the opportunity to talk with music icon Jim Messina, was as inspiring as it gets,” exclaimed Jacy Dawn Valares. “His stories, wisdom and advice are weaved throughout this entire interview and the true spirit of who he is as a person and musician, really shines through.”

Future guests include Jim Vest, Pam Lewis and many others, including surprise guests along the way. Past guests have included Jamie O’Neal, Sonny LeMaire, Bobby Tomberlin, Frank Myers, Lily Isaac, Chris Lindsay, Bill Anderson, John Schneider, Collin Raye, Aimee Mayo, John and Robin Berry, Steve Dorff, Naomi Judd, Jeannie Seely, Crystal Gayle, Lori McKenna, Karen Staley, Kent Blazy, Larry Strickland, T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang.

The popular podcast made its debut in the top #25 on Apple Podcasts USA Music Interviews Chart. The series has also been picked up by iHeartMedia, the #1 commercial podcast publisher globally as well as RADIO.COM which is powered by Entercom, the 2nd largest radio group in the country and the top podcast producer which includes 800+ streaming stations across the US.

In this Nashville based podcast, radio legend and master interviewer Candy O’Terry goes straight to the pros to hear their stories. From singers to producers, songwriters to record label executives, radio programmers and DJs to PR and marketing pros, every episode is a deep dive into what it takes to succeed in the country music industry. If you want to make it in Nashville, you need a roadmap. Music City Mentor and Founder of Platinum Circle Media, Jacy Dawn Valeras provides valuable advice about everything from writer's rounds to online marketing and building a network that will go the distance.

After spending a week together in Nashville with the idea of doing a four-part series for O’Terry’s award-winning podcast and radio program The Story Behind Her Success, the two realized that the city was rich with stories to tell and that a platform for music industry stories, combined with the rich content Valeras had accumulated through her YouTube series, might be a hit. As life-long singers and country music fans, Candy and Jacy have a clear vision of the guests they seek. “We’re on the lookout for women and men who aren’t afraid to tell the world how they got to where they are today in the music business….including the good times when they were riding high, and the bad times when they were on the verge of giving up. These stories are meant to teach and inspire others to take a chance on living their dreams.”

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