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Darryl Worley - Photo Credit: Robyn McIsaac

Darryl Worley and his non-profit The Darryl Worley Foundation are teaming with 8Oaks Recovery to help aid men and women struggling with various forms of addiction. Worley and his organization will provide monetary assistance to 8Oaks, a Christian-based clinical treatment program currently serving adult males ages 18-65 years old at their West Point location in Lawrenceburg, Tenn., as well as the male and female inmates in the Lawrence County jail.

Over the years, 8Oaks has garnered not only local support but also won the heart of the nationally-recognized “Have You Forgotten” singer. The cause hits very close to home for Worley.

"My passion for this project comes from a very real place,” he explains. "I’ve seen firsthand what addiction can do to loved ones because of the issues in my own family. Seeing people get the help that they need seems to be almost like therapy for myself. I think my own personality has proven to be somewhat addictive at times and I share that with some of my family members who struggle constantly with substance abuse."

The mission of The Darryl Worley Foundation is to create and aid organizations that assist with human need and welfare, community support and education.

"My life is an open book and I just want to see people get their lives back,” continues Worley. "If laying my own shortcomings on the alter can help someone find the courage to step forward and get the help that they need, I’m all in. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is enough and he’s the way to get right and lay the other stuff down. I don’t think I can be more honest than that."

Beginning as a dream, David Morgan, 8Oaks founder and lead pastor of Lawrenceburg’s United Church, brought the non-profit to fruition in 2012 by first helping those suffering from substance abuse disorder in the local church and community through one-on-one discipleship and counseling. Soon the need became so great that a volunteer team was built, and 8Oaks Recovery Inc. was formed. Since then, the work has and continues to vastly expand.

“We are blessed to have the support of Darryl Worley along with the backing of The Darryl Worley Foundation,” says Morgan. "Through his work with the 22 Project, Darryl brings a unique perspective on the issues faced by our veterans, suffering from PTSD and often substance abuse issues.“

8Oaks Recovery is now providing treatment services at an outpatient facility, along with its sober-living facility. This format allows it to treat local residents as well as people who live outside of the Lawrence County area, conducting intensive outpatient and group therapy and rapidly increasing services to meet the challenges ahead. The program has a unique blend of Biblical teaching within a framework of clinical supervision and oversight. This allows people to receive Christian-based treatment while utilizing their health insurance.

For more information on Darryl Worley, visit darrylworley.com

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