Monday, May 16, 2022


Legendary singer and songwriter Wood Newton, most known for writing or co-writing such hits as "Bobby Sue,” for the Oakridge Boys, "Twenty Years Ago,” for Kenny Rogers, and more, is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “A Minute Ago.” Released on Sucarnochee Records, “A Minute Ago,” was written by Country artists Carl Ray, Jacky Wayne White (AKA Jacky Jack White), and Wood Newton, produced by Mike Loudermilk.

“A Minute Ago,” is a song about two lovers in Mississippi and how life, love, and romance can change so quickly, and many times before you realize it. The chorus sums it all up: “It was a different time a minute ago, before my heart said I told you so. How was I supposed to know that things would end this way? So sad, but true, the way I feel, guess I probably always will, the girl who once made time stand still is going back to Tupelo. It was a different time a minute ago."

Wood Newton is an American songwriter and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Newton was born in Hampton, Arkansas, and graduated from Hampton High School in 1964. He graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1970.

In 1978 and 1979, Newton recorded for Elektra Records, charting the singles, "Last Exit for Love,” "Lock, Stock & Barrel,” and “Julie Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?”. He later became a songwriter for other artists with his credits including Razzy Bailey's number one single, "Midnight Hauler". Newton has been an advocate for songwriters throughout his career, on occasion, speaking before Congress regarding bills or laws that may harm artists and/or songwriters in the music business. Newton is a relentless writer and incredible lyricist. His love for life and music is undeniable. His songwriting genius is astounding and this latest single from Newton, "A Minute Ago,” is a great addition to this legend's discography.

Songs Written By Wood Newton:

Razzy Bailey – "Midnight Hauler”, "Blind Faith and the Naked Truth” and "Twenty Years Ago"

The Oak Ridge Boys – "Bobbie Sue"

Restless Heart – "I Want Everyone to Cry"

Steve Wariner – "What I Didn't Do”, "Do You Want To Make Something of It”, "I Can See Arkansas” and "The Heartland"

Kenny Rogers – "Twenty Years Ago” and "I'll Be There For You”

Pearl River – "Fool to Fall"

David Ball – "Riding with Private Malone”, "Happy with the One I've Got”, "I Can See 
Arkansas”, "Loser Friendly", "She Always Talked About Mexico”, "Swing Baby”,"Too 
Much Blood in My Alcohol Level" and "Violence and Lies"

Tracy Byrd - "Pink Flamingos"

Conway Twitty  - "Every Time I Think It's Over"

T. G. Sheppard - "A Little Less Blue"

Alabama - "All Together Now"

Charley Pride - "Just for the Love of It” and "Lonestar Lonely"

B. J. Thomas - "I Want Everyone to Cry” and "The Girl Most Likely To"

Martin Delray - "Lillie's White Lies” and "One in a Row"

Bjøro Håland - "Blue Rendezvous”, "If I Could Make A Living Loving You”, "Making Future Memories”, "She's Not Leaving, She's Gone”, "The Door”,"The Name of the Game is Cheating” and "What I Didn't Do"

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