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Professional baseball player and rising country music artist Bryan Ruby has announced the release of his new single, “Left Field,” a song co-written by Andrew Capra, Chad Sellers and Bryan Ruby. “Left Field” is an energetic celebration of life’s unexpected moments, the “curveballs” that not only take us by surprise, but end up heavily impacting our lives. 100% of the single’s proceeds will go to Bryan’s charity, Proud To Be in Baseball

The song was recorded at SoulTrain Sound Studios in Berry Hill, Tennessee, with vocals recorded at SandTrack Studios in Nashville. Smith Curry served as producer, with mixing done by Mark Lonsway at Warner Chappell Production Music and mastering handled by John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering. Tracking engineer was Kyle Blunt.

Session musicians on the project included Sam Hunter (acoustic guitar), Justin Ostrander (electric guitar), Smith Curry (steel guitar), Nick Buda (drums), Tim Marks (bass), Michael Webb (organ, keyboard) and Mark Lonsway (background vocals).

“‘Left Field’ is all about the unexpected. It’s about the things we can’t possibly plan for, big or small, that come into our lives and change us forever. Sometimes we think we have an idea of what we want and then life gets in the way with something totally unexpected. At the end of the day, those are the things that shape us the most,” reflected Bryan Ruby.

“It’s that garage sale beat-around old guitar
The Louisville Slugger left in the schoolyard
It’s that box of 45’s at your cousin’s house
That you turned on, cranked up, and wore ‘em all out
It’s waking up to snow on Christmas day
The last picked kid with the winning play
It's that first real kiss in the dashboard light
Didn't see it coming but it changed your life
Gotta be who you are
And do what you can
But don’t miss a livin’ just making plans
Keep an eye on the horizon
You know the deal
All the best things come out of Left Field …”

“But at the end of the day, I love country music and this is just a damn true country song that comes right from the heart and can mean whatever the listener wants it to mean. Isn’t that the point of all good music, and any aspiring songwriter’s ultimate goal? We all write songs because of what it means to us, but at the end of the day it’s up to the listener to grab hold of the song and tie it to a greater meaning in their life,” shared Bryan Ruby.

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