Friday, November 4, 2022


Emily Ann Roberts released her latest single, "The Building" everywhere today. This song was written about Emily Ann's home church in East Tennessee where her great-grandfather pastored in 1942. The church celebrated a historic 100-year anniversary this past October, and has had a long line of Roberts’ family history throughout those years. It’s even the place her parents met – at Vacation Bible School. While this song is about Emily Ann's story, listeners of all walks of life can connect to it and be reminded of the special places where they spent time with their loved ones. She first debuted the song on the Grand Ole Opry stage where she received a standing ovation without a dry eye in the house. This song has been highly anticipated by her fans since she started playing it live and teasing it on social media, racking up nearly 1,000 pre-saves. Listen to "The Building" here:

I know the stained glass never saved a soul
and these pews aint on the roll that’s called up yonder
I know the pulpits just a wooden stand
but it’s felt the power of God's hand
As his glory filled the place with awe and wonder
I know it's just a building, plain and simple white
but it’s the building where Jesus changed my life

“I grew up in East Tennessee and every Sunday and Wednesday night of my life I was at church. My great-grandfather was the pastor of the church and every Sunday felt like a family reunion. My grandmother was the church secretary and my mom and dad met there at vacation bible school when they were kids. It was the first place I ever sang publicly. Even more than the home I grew up in, that little church raised me up. It taught me right from wrong and laid a foundation for my life. It’s the place where I met Jesus and everything changed. No matter where this life takes me, that place will always bring me home," said Emily Ann.

Emily Ann has credited artists like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash who brought gospel music to a mainstream country audience and while this song has gospel roots, Emily Ann is making traditional county music that sounds like what she grew up on. Her previous single "Whole Lotta Little" was sonically inspired by the bluegrass and mountain music sounds that originally made her fall in love with country music.

“Whole Lotta Little” re-energized fans and excited them for what's to come. Since its mid-October release, "Whole Lotta Little" has garnered over one million cumulative streams.

“(Whole Lotta Little is) a delightful, throwback sound packed with warp-speed fiddle, steel and banjo. Roberts’ rapid-fire vocals ring with personality and conviction as she revels in a life that’s short on money but rich in love. Produced by Trent Willmon (known for his work with Cody Johnson), this winning track brings out the best in her traditionalist sensibilities and her bluegrass roots.” - Billboard

"'Whole Lotta Little' is a spirited, uplifting ode to the simple things in life. Penned by Roberts, Trent Willmon and Jeremy Spillman, the boot-scootin' track reminds us to celebrate the small successes and little moments that bring joy to everyday life. Sonically, the blissful tune gives a nod to the native bluegrass and traditional country music that has heavily influenced the East Tennessee native since her youth." - The Boot

Emily Ann is becoming a consistent face at the Grand Ole Opry and will be appearing again on November 18. For more info and additional show dates, please visit

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