Tuesday, November 1, 2022


American Idol alum Alex Miller’s new music video, “When God Made The South, offers further proof of his willingness to explore outside of the “traditionalist” lane. The single, a guitar-driven ode to the glories of Southern living, translates to a video that is a rowdy, raucous, and rollicking good time. The focus switches between Miller’s edgy performance and two shapely brunettes who dance their hearts out throughout.

The Miller family farm in Lancaster, Kentucky sets the scene for the dancers in crop tops and cut-offs who were filmed slinking through barns, hopping on four-wheelers, and climbing into pickup trucks. Close friends and family members, including Alex’s great uncles and his grandmother, joined the dancers to cut a serious rug throughout a vibrant bonfire scene.

Approximately 250 fans joined Alex and his band at the Silver Eagle night club in Rockcastle, KY - a honky tonk he played at in his early years - to film performance shots. Alex’s obviously hereditary slick dance moves are featured, along with those of the brunettes, Gracie Thom and Calloway Denton, who kept things steamy. Miller was teased by the crew for literally blushing during filming and editing. “I’ve led a pretty sheltered life, I guess,” Alex admits. “I mean those girls were so nice and so … athletic. It was kinda overwhelming. But it’s all good.”

Fans can keep up with Alex on his website, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and purchase the “When God Made The South” single HERE.

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