Friday, November 4, 2022


Beloved 90s Country Trio Releases “Marlboros & Avon” Lead off Single 
From Upcoming Project

The resurgence of throwback Country rages on with the reuniting of 90s favorite CMA and ACM nominees, McBride & The Ride. The original line up of Terry McBride, Ray Herndon, and Billy Thomas are releasing their first single in two decades with “Marlboros & Avon.” Available on all digital platforms today.

The single drips with nostalgia for those that grew up in the 70s. Herndon opines, “Even if you didn’t grow up in the 70s, this song kinda makes you wish you had.” The writers, Mark Harris and Bill Vaughn, allowed McBride to add his own personal touches to the lyrics which resulted in a delicious walk down a small town Texas memory lane. “I love a song that you can connect with and relate to the first time you hear it,” he remembers from his first look at the lyrics. “It certainly sums up a big part of my life as a teenager in Central Texas in the 70s.”

“TV, music and drive-In screens set the stage for our life and dreams in a small town”

Vocalist and drummer Thomas also relates to the lyrics, “My mom sold Avon and had parties sometimes. My dad, a marine, never had a drink or smoked, but ironically we did own a Mercury!”

Produced by all three members, the song is the title track from the forthcoming EP and features driving electrics and a tight rhythm section that hasn’t missed a beat over the years. The arrangement stays true to the band’s sound, ensuring listeners will rock right along with them at the live show.

Fans will be delighted to hear the familiar, 3-part harmonies that defined McBride & The Ride’s success front and center on this hot track with an undeniably country sound all their own.

As classic as a Blue Mercury Marquis on a backroad.

Teaming up with Nashville booking agency Action Entertainment Collaborative, the band is heading out for select dates in OK, TX, FL, KY, MO, and MN this fall, with more shows being announced in 2023.

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