Friday, November 11, 2022



If you’re a touring artist with a large crew, remember to thank your bus drivers, your road crew, your band, office crew and publicity reps ... thank them all. You don't do this alone. Appreciate those who make up your team and who work FOR you, not just for you. They're away from their families too. They’re exhausted too. They're still working long after you've sung your last note for the night.

Your bus drivers are the reason you are able to get to and from your gigs safely and on time. They sacrifice hours of sleep for you. They're not just "the driver".

Your office crew works hard to make sure your bookings are confirmed, your travel accommodations are reserved, your advertising is done, and so much more that you probably don't even consider.

Your road crew works hard to make sure YOU sound good, that your lighting is right, that your stage is set properly, that each show goes off without a hitch and then spend hours loading out at the end of a long night while you sit in the bus resting. Your merch guys make sure you have the right amount of merchandise, the right size t-shirts, they help you profiit. They stand for hours making personal connections with your fans. They represent you.

Your band stands behind you every night making you sound your best. They take your show up a whole other notch. They are on the road with you, they play with you, they practice with you and they show up for you.

Your publicists keep you in a positive light. They watch EVERYTHING, they protect your image. They are your eyes and your ears. They spend hours writing press releases, reviewing articles that have been written about you, setting up interviews and tv appearances, and so many other things you may not realize.

Yes, you are the artist and you are the headliner and you pay their checks, but these people are your backbone. Just don't remember to take time to sit down with them, talk to them and ask how they're doing. Taking care of your team means more than a check to let them know they're appreciated and respected.

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