Friday, February 10, 2023



Just in time for Valentine’s Day and the celebration of love, singer/songwriter Allie Colleen has announced “Honest Man” as her first release of the new year. The romantic single, with lyrics full of raw emotion and sincerity, was co-written by Allie Colleen, Kate Hasting, Vinny Vencent and Lance Carpenter. The impassioned and soulful song describes a non-traditional marriage proposal, where the female in the relationship does the asking in her own unique way. “Honest Man” is available now at

“I believe in pursuing who and what you love,” shared Allie Colleen. “This song might reverse the cultural norm of 'him asking her,’ but I would be more than honored to meet a man who made me feel feminine enough to love my strengths as a partner - not alone a woman. This song is how I would ask a man to marry me. I have gotten to witness this song encourage women to be brave, and use this as a part of their own proposals to their partners, and to them, I would just like to say - I look forward to the fact my nieces get to grow up seeing women all around them be as bold as you.”

“Allie has such a distinctive talent for writing unique yet relatable songs. I loved this one as soon as that first chorus hit,” stated producer Joe Costa. “Recording-wise, we kept it as simple and raw as possible which I really loved. When the vocals and lyrics are that good, it's best to stay out of the way!”

“Well I ain’t never met someone like you
You make me feel fragile and bulletproof
I give you the reins and you let me run free
It takes a man like you to love a woman like me
I’ve laid this out in my mind a thousand times
You say you love me I’m calling you out
Let’s set these plans with a stone
You say I’m the one that you can’t live without
But without you I’m just skin and bones
Put this ring on my hand…”

Dick Bundy’s Regency Jewelers of Goodlettsville provided the ring for the artwork created by Allie Colleen. Along with engineering and production, acoustic guitar and keys were added by Joe Costa and mastering was provided by George Town Masters.

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