Sunday, April 2, 2023


If you're easily offended, you might want to listen to other albums but then again, you might wanna release a little and lighten up with this collection of songs as only Ray Scott can write them, sing them and put them into stories you won't want to read to your kids. No one tells a "questionable and colorful" story better than Ray. It's who he is, take it or leave it. From what I've heard and seen, most listeners are choosing to "take it".

The thing about Ray Scott is his ability to be honest and be himself. You don't see that much anymore in an industry that wants to stay "acceptable" and bases criteria for "good music" on a certain image, redundant lyrics, auto-tune, drum beats, mainstream radio play and lots of industry financial backing. Ray bucks that standard, does his own thing, relates to his fan base and sticks to what makes his fan numbers continue to grow every day by simply being Ray and putting it out there. We need more of that instead of the same regurgitated lyrics and sounds. You won't find any country rap here, you won't find "white tank tops" here, you won't find "pick up trucks" here and you won't find contents that isn't relevant in Ray's life somehow, no matter how warped that content is. How cool is that? His voice is unique and as country as they come, he's got his own style of twang and his own sound that no one else can even try to replicate. Maybe that's why he's so likeable, he stands on his own merits and isn't an echo. This album certainly isn't an echo. It's funny, it's honest, it's very relatable to most listeners (well at least most of it is these days) and it's the laugh we could all use in today's uptight, easily offended, woke world.

Hold on tight and get ready for 8 songs that will have you raising your eyebrows, smirking, rolling your eyes and laughing out loud, hopefully not while you're on that office zoom call or in church or something.

Here we go ... seriously, this is pure laugh your tail off comedy gold. They're all great songs, but here are my standouts:

1.) "Between Us" - Yeah, I think I'm gonna just let you go tune in and form your own review of this one because I laugh so hard I can't type.

2.) "In Pictures" - In the age of social media, we have ALL had this happen to us. It's a story of today's ages, it happens every day in an emo coffee shop, a downtown bar, or heck, even the grocery store because I promise you there are strangers out there that met online and decided the local Kroger was the best place to meet in person. The picture online isn't quite what you get in person. Sometimes it's better, sometimes not so much and sometimes it's just not even close. Ray uses no filter in this song, what you see is what you get.

3.) "Everyone Ends Up Ugly" - Yeah we do, one way or another. Enjoy those hair extensions, those rock hard abs, those boob jobs and those speedos and bikinis while you can. Those wrinkles are gonna set in soon, your boobs and butt are gonna sag, your arm flaps are just gonna happen, your belly's gonna expand and your hair is gonna go gray. It happens, we ALL get ugly in the end.

4.) "Santa's Sack" - This one sleighed me when I heard it. See what I did there? Let's just say you'll never look at Santa's Sack the same way ever again. He might have to start delivering toys by Amazon after this song.

Take a chance, take a listen and take a breath because this one's gonna take yours away by making you laugh.

Go to and order your copy, put some money in Ray's pocket. If you're a streamer, go get it on the digital outlets like Spotify and Apple Music. Leave reviews for it, talk about it on your social media pages.

Thanks Ray for a bright spot in a dark world and moving the bar down a notch when society has it set just a bit too high. We love and appreciate you, as is.

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