Thursday, May 18, 2023


Let me start this review by saying if you have never seen Jason Crabb perform live, make it a point to go. He's been in my area many times but I always had a reason here or there as to why I never made it to a show. I saw he was coming within a 2 hour drive this time so I made it a point to go and check it off my bucket list. WOW. I am soooo glad I did. I left there a changed person. I believe Jason is one of the best songwriters the music industry has been blessed with. His words change lives.

I arrived at the venue a couple of hours early. Thanks to his wonderful publicist, Aaron, I was able to have some quiet, one on one time with Jason before the show to just sit and talk about his life, his music and his faith. What an amazing conversation. You can read the interview HERE.  There is something so refreshing about an artist who isn't afraid of who they really are, who is willing to show their authenticity and speak their mind even if it isn't freely accepted by today's society. That's what makes Jason Crabb a stand out, not only in a commercialized industry but as an every day person. He says his truth, he stands by his words, he expresses his love of God and his faith in a very open and honest way and he shares his message in the words of each song he sings. You won't hear words come out of his mouth that he doesn't believe or mean. You won't hear lyrics that make you question the content of his music. He's real, he's genuine and he's exactly who he is. His music, stories, testimony and just his personal delivery of all three is a much needed and much welcomed message of encouragement.

Jason took the stage with his band and immediately commanded the attention of the crowd, the applause and cheers were pretty loud. I love the way he interacts with people. He doesn't treat them as fans, he treats them as friends. This was a room full of friends to him. He laughed with us, joked with us and told the best stories. Now let's talk about that voice. WOW. I knew he could sing because I've been a fan for years but to hear him live is a whole new experience. His voice is so strong and he hits every note spot on. You can't help but sit there with a stupid grin on your face listening to him. I know I wasn't the only one looking like that. He sings with a distinct, yet humble, self-confidence and a welcome positivity. He is a great guitar player too. I had already forewarned him not to look at me because I would be crying during some of his songs and his response? "Well then we'll both be crying."

He sang a variety of songs - "Sometimes I Cry", "Just as I Am" and a huge list of older ones and he brought out his newer ones like "Good Morning Mercy" (his duet single with country artist Dylan Scott) and "Do It For You". 

The highlight of the night was when he brought out his daughter, Ashleigh. She is an up and coming singer/songwriter and author of a book she's been working on. What an impressive young lady she was. She sang a beautiful rendition of "Great is Thy Faithfulness". The audience loved her performance so much that Jason kept her on stage for awhile and she sang her own composition, a hauntingly personal and amazing song that I unfortunately missed the name of but when if she releases it as a single, I'll be all over it. It was soooo good. Her voice is simple yet complex and stunning. She stayed on for a duet of the Crabb Family favorite, "Please Forgive Me" which was written by Gerald Crabb. 

This night was one I'll never forget and one that changed my life in a span of about 3 hours. Thank you both for one of the best performances I've ever been blessed to witness.

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