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Tina Turner 50th Anniversary Tour photo
Photo credit: Phillip Spittle / Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nashville recording artists and music industry professionals are mourning the passing of two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Tina Turner. Born in Brownsville, Tennessee and raised in nearby Nutbush, she rose from her small town roots to ultimately claim the title of the "Queen of Rock and Roll" and become a global icon.

From her early days as a member of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in the Sixties, to her comeback and meteoric rise to the top of the charts in the Eighties at age 44, Turner was an unstoppable force of nature. She also wrote three books, acted in numerous films, was the subject of the semi-autobiographical film, What's Love Got to Do with It, and won 12 Grammy Awards in her lifetime.

Nashville recording artists and music industry members pay tribute to her:

“Thinking of the great Tina Turner! The ultimate professional & mentor. She taught us how to dream BIG & to overcome some of life’s BIGGEST obstacles! Rest in Peace 
my Queen.“ 

– Wendy Moten

“Tina Turner’s career is the epitome of determination, endurance & resilience. She had nothing to prove & everything to prove & in the end will be remembered as someone who spoke & lived their truth with dignity & passion. Her legacy will live on through her incredible body of work that will continue to influence generations to come.”

 – Leslie Fram, SVP Music & Talent/CMT

“What a great loss to us all, losing the Queen, the one &only Tina Turner, Anna Mae Bullock. She is a key piece in why we sing.  My mother, & Marriana's grandmother, Stonye Figueroa, was an Ikette for many years. She performed with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue for their electrifying & groundbreaking performance on the Ed Sullivan Show.  She held her hand, danced endless hours with her & has passed on to us the love & discipline Tina gave to her. We are truly grateful for the miles Tina traveled so we all could live our dreams. We love you Tina, now & forever." 

– Cheaza Figueroa & Marriana Nevarez of the mother-daughter country duo, HuneyFire

“We so often throw the words icon & legend around. Tina was, in every sense, both.  She was the best example of a performer & a survivor.  The world lost an irreplaceable treasure & will never be the same…” 

– Rissi Palmer, artist and host of Color Me Country, Apple Music

"Tina was and will always be the epitome of resilience, strength, courage, style, grace, & pure & raw talent. What she gave to the world through all of her gifts is immeasurable & I will miss her  for all time. No one has and will ever do it like the 'Queen of Rock & Roll' did." 

– Kortney Toney, Executive Director, Nashville Music Equality

“Tina Turner always said that the Ikettes represented her & they had to look 'outta sight' whenever they were on stage. She might have added that the Ikettes had to be just as vocally fluid, sexy, & high energy. One tall order. To be an Ikette was to qualify as rock royalty. But there was only one queen. Rest easy, Tina.” 

- Alanna Nash, best selling author and journalist

“In the 48 years that I worked as a professional photographer, I’ve shot many of the biggest acts in music, including shooting Tina many times. I first shot her with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue when I was in the tenth grade at Pirates World in Dania, Florida. She was the most electrifying star I had ever seen, then or since. She & The Ikettes were everywhere on stage. What she did was bigger than life. As big of a global star as Jagger, McCartney, or Mohammed Ali, anyone. Plus, she was genuine, sweet, & as cool & kind as can be.” 

– Rick Diamond, Rick Diamond Photography

“Anna Mae Bullock was & will always be the undisputed Queen of Rock & Roll. Her strength, power, & beauty have inspired us for as long as we can remember. Thank you, Tina Turner,  for creating the roads when there were none. We are forever grateful.” 

– Allen Thompson and Keshia Bailey of the Americana/rock group, LadyCouch

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