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Emily Ann Roberts has released another gem from her highly anticipated album "Can't Hide Country". Collaborating with talented songwriters Chris Utley, Nicole Croteau, and Kaylin Roberson "Walkin' Shoes" highlights timeless country lyricism and is a track that embodies the resilient feminine power required to confidently bid farewell to a disloyal partner. This song exudes empowerment, encouraging listeners to maintain their self-worth and to kick unfaithful partners to the curb. Listen to "Walkin' Shoes" and pre-save Can't Hide Country here:

Give him the boot sister
He ain’t nothing but a mean ole mister
Let him eat the dust and go find someone new
Get your goodbye on and don’t you turn around
Gas it up and put your foot down
How long you gonna let him walk all over you
Before you put on your walkin’ shoes

Recorded at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and produced by GRAMMY-winning producer, Trent Willmon, Emily Ann's mesmerizing lyrics and her exceptional vocal talents showcased in her previously launched album tracks, have amassed millions of streams and earned extensive praise from both the media and her dedicated fanbase.

“She has a helluva voice and isn’t shy about pushing it into the stratosphere on this shimmering ballad. It’s [‘Infinity’] a melodic vow of devotion that has definite wedding-song potential. Highly recommended.” 
- Robert Oermann, MusicRow

"It is incredibly refreshing to witness new music from a young talented artist who is paying homage to the traditions of a genre’s past while also incorporating her own flare and signature sound to make her music truly one of a kind.” 
- Today’s Country Magazine

“The track [‘He Set Her Off’] lives in the spirit of Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ or The Chicks’ ‘Goodbye Earl’ given its thematic content. But Roberts brings a honky tonk energy to the song that gives it a fresh perspective.” 
- American Songwriter

“A delightful, throwback sound packed with warp-speed fiddle, steel and banjo. Roberts’ rapid-fire vocals ring with personality and conviction as she revels in a life that’s short on money but rich in love. Produced by Trent Willmon (known for his work with Cody Johnson), this winning track brings out the best in her traditionalist sensibilities 
and her bluegrass roots.” 
- Billboard

Can’t Hide Country Track List:

1. Whole Lotta Little (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Jeremy Spillman)
2. Chickens (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Paul Overstreet)
3. Infinity (Emily Ann Roberts / Stephanie Chapman)
4. Keep On (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris McKenna / Chase McDaniel)
5. He Set Her Off (Emily Ann Roberts / Parker Welling / Seth Mosely)
6. Find Me A Man (Emily Ann Roberts / Steve Fee / Jesse Reeves)
7. Walkin’ Shoes (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris Utley / Nicole Croteau / Kaylin Roberson)
8. Out Of Sight (Emily Ann Roberts / Jerry Salley / Mike Rogers)
9. Loves Me For My Heart (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren / Phillip Lammonds)
10. Devil Wears Denim (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Autumn McEntire)
11. Still Searching (feat. Vince Gill & Ricky Skaggs) (Jerry Salley / Phillip White)
12. Can’t Hide Country (Emily Ann Roberts / Melissa Fuller)
13. The Building (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren)

Emily Ann will be celebrating the release of "Can't Hide Country" on Thursday, September 21 at the Bijou Theatre in Roberts' hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. She will give fans a sneak peek at long-awaited tracks along with her friend and special guest Alex Miller.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here:

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