Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Words matter. It doesn't matter where you hear, see or read them. They affect us in may ways. 

Anyone that truly knows me, knows that music isn't just what I talk about, it's who I am. I love everything about it but the thing I love the most is the power of a song, it's ability to stop me in my tracks and hear the message and it's ability to change lives. These days, those kind of songs seem to be a bit harder to find but they're out there if you listen beyond what radio is selling.  If you search, you'll find them. The words matter.

Here are a few of the songs that made me rethink things, find a new perspective and realize my own strengths, weaknesses and my purpose. These had a part in making me who I am in this moment and these newer ones are helping build me into the person I want to be moving forward. Thank you to the artists and writers for putting the words on paper that connect with hearts and will be here making a difference long after they have left the world.

"I Get To" - The Oak Ridge Boys

Writers: Sherrie Austin, Steve Williams, Will Nance

"There's a lot of things I don't have to do ... I get to."

"That's What Love is" - David Phelps

Writers: David Phelps, Greg Bieck, Tyler Hayes Bieck

"You pray for fiath when it's hard to believe. You choose to stay when it's easy to leave and when hope is gone, you're the one who keeps holding on. That's what love it. When you give until there's nothing left and it makes you give the very best."

"Love is Stronger" - Jason Crabb (Matt Kennon)

Writer: Michael Mobley

"You kept faith when you didn't have a prayer. Found hope when it wasn't even there. Up against the impossible, you just wouldn't back down, you kept fighting. That heavy cross you carried ain't weighing you down any longer. Life is tough, but love is stronger.

"The Basement" - Joseph Habedank

Writer: Joseph Habedank, Michael Farren, Tony Wood

"But on any given Thursday, down a creaky flight of stairs, through a door that never shuts just right and some worn old folding chairs, there's a different kind of desperate most folks never see and if you think what happens upstairs is amazing, wait until you see what He's been doing in the basement."

"Long Way Home" - Todd Tilghman

Songwriters: Esther Dean, Ryan Tedder, Shane McAnally, Michael Joseph Wise,  Dustin Christensen, Adam Korbesmeyer, Ryan Innes

"Sometimes dreams get lost, sometimes love takes time but the greatest things are worth standing in line and it's never a race, as long as you get where you're going. Sometimes the heart takes the long way home."

"God's Got This" - Frank Myers

Writer: Frank Myers

"God's got this, it's in His hands so let go of all the things that you can't understand. He knows your fears, He hears your prayers and when you're on your knees you're not alone, He's always there. His love is true, no matter what it is. Whatever you're going through, God's got this."

"Only One You" - T.G. Sheppard

Writers: Bucky Jones, Michael Garvin

"The best things only come along in numbers of one. There's only one Eiffel Tower, one finest hour, one New York town, one 5th Avenue. There's only one Mona Lisa, one Leaning Tower Of Pisa, one Paris and there's only one you."

"Love Don't Run" - Steve Holy

Writers" Joe Leathers, Ben Glover and Rachel Lee Thibodeau

"Love don't run, love don't hide. It won't turn away or back down from a fight."

"Power of a Song" - Randy Houser

Writers: Randy Houser, Cory Batten and Kent Blazy

"That's the power of a song, when it grabs you by the heart, it's gonna find you when it wants to, no matter where you are. That's the miracle of music, love's the only thing as strong that can move you when you hear it. That's the power, the power of a song."

"Lessons" - Tommy Karlas

Writer: Tommy Karlas

"A bully won't stop 'til you stand up to him, You ain't gonna win if you plan on losin'. Sometimes a curse can be a blessing so wait your turn and learn your lessons. Don't hold a grudge, it'll make you bitter. Don't think that money's gonna make you richer and happiness ain't about possessions, gotta crash and burn and learn your lessons

You can't win 'em all, you can't change the past. Don't take for granted what you've got, don't always want what you don't have. Take some chances, have some faith, make the most of everyday 'cause it could all be over in a second. Don't miss a day with your old man fishin' or a cup of coffee in your mama's kitchen 'cause life is short and time is precious, sometimes it hurts to learn your lessons

You can't win 'em all, you can't change the past. Don't take for granted what you've got, don't always want what you don't have. Take some chances, have some faith, make the most of everyday 'cause it could all be over in a second Don't break her heart if you know you love her, don't let her leave cause you're too damn stubborn 'cause she'll move on and you'll regret it. Hold on to her and learn your lessons. 

Every choice has consequences. Take it from me and learn your lessons."

"Humble and Kind" - Tim McGraw (Lori McKenna)

Writer: Lori McKenna

"Hold the door, say please say thank you, don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie. I know you've got mountains to climb but always stay humble and kind"

"Don't take for granted the love this life gives you. When you get where you're goin', don't forget turn back around, help the next one in line. Always stay humble and kind"

"Did I Make a Difference" - The Oak Ridge Boys

Writers:  Rob Crosby, Bill Anderson

"Did I make a difference in somebody's life? What hurts did I heal? What wrongs did I right? Did I raise my voice in defence of the truth? Did I lend my hand to the destitute? When my race is run, when my song is sung, will I have to wonder? Did I make a difference?"

"Sometimes I Cry" - Jason Crabb

Writer: Gerald Crabb

"Sometimes I hurt and sometimes I cry. Sometimes I can't get it right no matter how hard I seem to try. Sometimes I fall down, stumble over my own disguise. I try to look strong as the whole world looks on, but sometimes alone I cry."

"God Made Good" - Scotty Inman

Writers: Jimmy Yeary, Scotty Inman

"I've made mistakes, that's the understatement of the year. Got myself into trouble, left my heart full of fear, I thought I was finished, surely He'd give up on me. But it was in those moments He showed me what grace really means - And God made good on all His promises, good on everything He said. God made good on all those words in red He wrote for you and me. He walked me through the fire, brought me out on the other side. The devil tried to take me down, yeah he thought he would but what he meant for evil, God made good."

"You're Gonna Miss This" - Trace Adkins

Writers: Ashley Gorley, Lee Thomas Miller

"You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back. You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast. These are some good times so take a good look around. You may not know it now, but you're gonna miss this."

"Knots" - Skip Ewing

Writer: Skip Ewing

"You can't see my future, know my past or feel the gravel in my shoes. I don't compare my suffering. We're all just different shades of black and blue. I've thought myself unworthy, been a shadow, felt my sanity was lost. But I found the strength and courage, and the grace to keep me working on these knots."

"Never Too Late for Love" - The Isaacs

Writers: Sonya Isaacs Yeary, Rebecca Bowman, Tim Nichols

"Somewhere your someone is waiting, praying for someday to come. Somewhere your song's out there playing. It's never too late for love."

"I Love You More" - Jimmy Fortune

Writer - Jimmy Fortune

"I love you more than you’ll ever know. When you can’t hold on I’ll never let you go. So let me love you until you love you again. For everything you may hate yourself for, I love you more."

"Ordinary Angels" - Tate Stevens (Karyn Williams)

Writers: Emily Shackelton, Philip Barton, Victoria Banks

"Just because God doesn't part the sea,  pull you from the fire doesn't mean that He's not there, His fingerprints are everywhere. When the mountain that you're climbin' seems so tall and the battle that you're fightin' makes you feel so all alone, it doesn't mean you're on your own. When you need it most, the world is full of ordinary angels."

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