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Country music fans will be thrilled to learn that Texas-based artist David Adam Byrnes has just released his new, full-length album, Country Gonna Be Alright. Jam-packed with all the traditional country sounds so many crave, this one is sure to please! The new music is available for download and streaming at

“I knew the second we wrote this song that it was going to be the title track. I’ve spent my entire career trying to carry the torch for real traditional country music and making music for true rural country music fans and real country people. It truly is a way of life,” expressed David Adam Byrnes. “As much as the world progresses and cities grow there are still plenty of folks that are just fine with a slow pace of life and most of all people that want to hear country music that actually sounds like country music. I thought this song and even more this title represented that very well.”

There are two very young boys from Arkansas who have been coming out to Byrnes shows. They know every word to every song, they have their little guitars, they are dressed head to toe in Western wear, and he has seen the love for country music in them. The vision reflected David Adam Byrnes at that age in them and he had a that in mind for some time for this album cover. His parents sent the photograph of me after they saw those two young fellas and he instantly was taken back to his love for country music at that age and knew that image had to be the album cover. It represents the fact the fact that country music is alive and well for generations to come, just as it was in his youth.

"Country Gonna Be Alright" Track List:

1. Country Gonna Be Alright (David Adam Byrnes, Jay Brunswick, Jason Blaine)

2. Still Have Some Cowboy Left (David Adam Byrnes, Amber White, Dani Flowers, Jay
Brunswick, Carlton Anderson)

3. Even The River (David Adam Byrnes, Wade Kirby)

4. Too Many Honky Tonks (David Adam Byrnes, Wade Kirby)

5. If I Was Your Cowboy (David Adam Byrnes, Wade Kirby)

6. What Would Lynchburg Do (David Adam Byrnes, Jay Brunswick, Carlton Anderson)

7. She Don’t (David Adam Byrnes, Frank Myers, Billy Montana)

8. All The Honey (David Adam Byrnes, Adam Craig)

9. So Far (David Adam Byrnes, Wade Kirby)

10. Drinking Games (David Adam Byrnes, Wade Kirby)

11. One Two Step Away (David Adam Byrnes, Jay Brunswick, Carlton Anderson)

12. What Goes Around (David Adam Byrnes, Jay Brunswick, Jason Blaine)

13. When In Rum (David Adam Byrnes, Jay Brunswick, Carlton Anderson)

14. The Blues Man (Acoustic) (Hank Williams, Jr.)

15. She Don’t (Acoustic) (David Adam Byrnes, Frank Myers, Billy Montana)

"Country Gonna Be Alright" was co-produced by Bart Busch and David Adam Byrnes, with Busch also serving as Engineer and Mixer. An accomplished group of session musicians played on the album, including Mark Beckett and Evan Hutchings (drums), Jimmy Carter (bass), Bobby Terry and David Adam Byrnes (acoustic guitar), Bart Busch (piano), Rob McNelley (electric guitar), Jenee Fleenor (fiddle) and Eddie Dunlap (steel guitar).

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