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Emerging Country music artist Rob Wolf is pleased to announce the release of his tranquil new single, “Peacefully.” Reflecting on his own idea of a peaceful life, the new song is certain to bring a sense of serenity to listeners through its lyrics and gentle melody. “Peacefully” is available for download and streaming now at

Rob had a supportive and loving family, great friends, a successful baseball career, experienced countless hours of flight lessons and had been playing music weekly for almost two years. However, he was frightened about his future when faced with high school graduation. A sleepless night led to the epiphany that the good things in his life came from passion and dedication, not stress and worry. If he kept his focus on the things that grounded him, like his family, music, and faith. He enjoyed life as it came; instead of trying to force it, he had everything he needed to face the changes life was throwing at him.

“The song ‘Peacefully’ was written when I was just about to graduate high school and faced some very big life changes,” shared Rob Wolf. “It was written on a sleepless night and helped me find a new perspective on life. This song helped me create a philosophy about how I should live the rest of my life, and it shapes me to this day.”

With this epiphany, “Peacefully” was written and a life’s philosophy was born; “Focus on who you are, and who you want to be. Enjoy every moment and be young, wild and free. Put those together, and you’ll be surprised at what you see, and that’s how you live life peacefully,” sings Rob Wolf.

“It’s always nice to hear a new country song that leaves you in a more serene mind frame,” said Think Country founder Annette Gibbons. “This is one of those songs. Hats off to Rob Wolf and the studio musicians who found just the right sound to create that calming effect. Rob has been churning out many singles recently, and we’ll be watching to see where his career goes. I’ve been covering country music on both sides of the Atlantic for a long time and have followed countless new artists. One thing is clear: a good, consistent work ethic is key to moving forward for an artist. Hoping Rob joins those that keep pounding the pavement and upping their presence in the country music genre.”

“...Laying here thinking about life
Hoping it doesn’t just fly on by
All the memories I’ve had
All the good times and the bad

Focus on who you are, and who you want to be
Enjoy every moment and be young and wild and free
Then put those together, you’ll be surprised at what you see
And that’s how you live life peacefully

Everybody, gather around
Forget all the stresses putting you down
Remember the reason that you’re here
Son, relax and have no fear, no fear…”

“Peacefully” was written by Rob Wolf and produced by Bold Studio Nashville. It was mixed by Mark Lonsway and mastered by Mayfield Mastering. Studio musicians on the single included Tyler Cain (electric guitar, bass), Kevin Murphy (drums), Jenee Fleenor (mandolin, fiddle) and Bruce Bouton (dobro).

Photo Credit: Alex Pullin

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