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Cat Spring, Texas native Carson Jeffrey has eased onto the country music scene in a substantial way, building a loyal following throughout the Lone Star state. Today, he propels his career to new heights launching a self-penned single, “Mrs. Lonely” into the world. 
Carson Jeffrey has spent the last five years earning his keep in the Texas honky-tonks, a tale seemingly as old as time. But along the way, while cultivating his musicianship, sharpening his songwriting skills and growing into a true entertainer, he has continued to rope and live the Cowboy lifestyle that has made him who he is.

Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine called him “the epitome of a homegrown, Texas music artist.” Everyone from the ranch hands to the oil riggers who line the bars he’s played across America will tell you that he sings about their lives. Nothing goes better together than the Cowboy lifestyle and country music, a fact often forgotten about in today’s evolving cultural landscape. It’s not about the politics or the division, it’s about the hard work, the grit, the lyrics – looking out over the plains and seeing a sunrise, sitting around a campfire after a hard day of herding cattle, pulling out a guitar and sharing stories passed down for generations.

“Mrs. Lonely” is a lament of a relationship that has lost its spark, or perhaps never had one. Carson wrote it while walking down the street in Nashville, remembering the pain of loneliness nearly everyone can relate to in one way or another. It launches a new era of music for the singer-songwriter that will appeal to fans of contemporaries like Zach Bryan, Cody Johnson, Ryan Bingham, Treaty Oak Revival and Mike and the Moonpies.

"Everyone has had at least one relationship with loneliness. For some, however, they just can’t get rid of that feeling. No matter how happy they are, or how close they get to forgetting about being lonely, the feeling always comes back around. This song explains the relationship between the soul and that feeling." said Jeffrey of his newest release.

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