Thursday, March 28, 2024


Sometimes in this chaotic changing world there is a lot against us - finances, unemployment, politics, broken relationships, illlness, loneliness, addiction, low self-esteem .. you name it, it's out there. Maybe you just feel like you'll never get the break you deserve or that prayer answered. We all need a reminder that there is something bigger than all of us and a little personal forgiveness. Regardless of how you believe, it never hurts to have faith and believe that there is something better out there for each of us. We need to be reminded of the goodness that surrounds us regardless of how dark it might seem. When something in this world brings us to our lowest and we don't think we can stand back up, the right song can come along with a message that lifts us back up. Don't just let songs like this play in the background, stop and listen to what it's saying. You might just find His grace in the words and peace in the silence between them. We could all use a little more faith.

Tune out the negative around you and tune into some of these positive messages.

"To the Table" and "Rescue Story" - Zach Williams

"That's What Love Is" - David Phelps

"I Love You More" - Jimmy Fortune

"God Can Use a Broken Man" and "Love is Stronger" - Jason Crabb

"Somebody Died for Me" - Triumphant Quartet

"Gratitude" - Brandon Lake

"Who You Are to Me" - Chris Tomlin featuring Lady A

"Changed" - Rascal Flatts

"Hold Me Up" - Gordon Mote

"One Wave at a Time" - Cash Creek

"Wine Into Water" - T. Graham Brown

"24 Hours" and "Shame on Me" - Joseph Habedank

"Love is a Cross" - Chris Golden

"Long Way Home" - Todd Tilghman

"Where I Find God" - Larry Fleet

"We All Carry Something" - Joe Nichols

"The Building" - Emily Ann Roberts

"Broken People Like Me" - The Old Paths

"God Still Has a Plan" and "If That's What It Takes" - The Isaacs

"You've Already Won" - Shane and Shane

"Kind" - Cory Asbury

"That Old King James" - Scotty McCreery

"Talking To Jesus" - Thomas Rhett and Brandon Lake

"Mercy" - Ben Fuller

"Three Nails and a Cross" - George Strait

"Five Dollar Bible" - Tony Jackson

"Anywhere Jesus Is" and "My God" - Scotty Inman

"Man on the Middle Cross" - Rhett Walker

"A Hundred Different Altars" - The Steeles

"God's Been Good to Me" - Josh Kiser

"Jesus is the Door" - Matt Winters

"Unheard" - Brian Free and Assurance

"Good Ol' Dogs and God" - Pryor & Lee

"When I Get There" - Will Bannister

"That's God" - Jodee Messina

"Thank You Lord (For Your Blessings on Me" - Chris Else

"How Great Thou Art" - Clark Hill

"I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)" - Cody Johnson

"Don't Stop Praying" - Matthew West

"Thank You for the Blood" - Charity Gayle

"Real As I Believe" - Ben Waites

"A Little Right Now" - Charles Esten

"Strong" - Anne Wilson

"Lead on Good Shepherd" - Patrick Mayberry

"My Life is Proof" - Stephen McWhirter

"Jesus Is" - Travis Mobley featuring Marty Raybon

"Confidence" - Sanctus Real

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