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Emily Ann Roberts’s Deluxe Edition of her debut album, "Can’t Hide Country", is out now! This special release features three new tracks: “Working on Love,” “When I’m Gone” and “Back Home.” "Working on Love '' has been striking a chord with couples everywhere, amassing over 4.2 million views across TikTok and Instagram. “Back Home” perfectly rounds out this collection of songs as it showcases Roberts’s bluegrass roots with a stunning acapella intro that seamlessly transitions into a lively blend of guitar and fiddle. Roberts’s album embodies the essence of authenticity and celebrates what makes her unique. 

Since the debut’s release in September, the album has soared and now boasts over 26 million streams and has earned widespread critical acclaim. 2024 has already become a banner year for the singer. She recently joined CMT’s esteemed Next Women of Country 2024 class and just wrapped up a successful 17-date stint on Blake Shelton’s Back To The Honky Tonk Tour presented by Kubota. Night after night, city after city, Emily Ann delivered electrifying performances and grew her fan base immensely. You can still catch her out on the road this summer playing fairs and festivals. 

“This record is my introduction to country music and when you have the opportunity to have 3 more songs as a part of that, they better say something. I’m so excited to complete this project with, ‘Working On Love,’ ‘Back Home,’ and ‘When I’m Gone.’ These songs mean so much to me for different reasons, but most of all they’re all rooted in the things I’ve learned from over the past 8 years of pursuing this dream. I love songs that make me think and feel something that wasn’t there before. ‘Working On Love’ is fun and sweet but it’s real to the core. As a married woman of 3 years, I will be the first to say marriage is the blessing of a lifetime, but if it’s gonna last that long, you have to put the work in. ‘Back Home’ is the wake up call that the grass isn’t always greener past your county line. When we find ourselves always searching for more, it may be time to take a breath and count the blessings we have right in front of us. Best part of this song is when you realize what you had, it’s always waiting for you back home. 'When I’m Gone' probably means the most to me out of the bunch. We never know when our time on Earth will end, and I wanna make the most of the days I’ve been given. I wrote this song with Autumn McEntire after going to a family members funeral. I realized no one spoke about his job, his title, his achievements, or his money. They spoke of his love, his friendship, and his character. Achievements are great, but they don’t amount to a hill of beans when you’re dead and gone. Love lives on and wins every time.”

Reviews are in:

“It’s representative and autobiographical of a young woman in the Southern United States (Knoxville, specifically) telling stories of the hopes, joys, and tribulations of her life. But it’s undoubtedly country, heartfelt, and delightfully simple and true. In an ideal world, this would be what popular country sounds like.” 

- Saving Country Music

“This album was a blast from beginning to end for me, with plenty of smart lyrics and a mischievous flair running throughout this record that I’d say helps separate Roberts a bit more as a writer.” 
- The Musical Divide

"Can’t Hide Country offers an amalgam of retro-country, bluegrass and folk leanings and contemporary songwriting.” 

- Billboard

“Drawing inspiration from the leading ladies of ‘80s and ‘90s country, Can’t Hide Country feels like an homage to those who came before her, while not just depending on them to make an impact. Bringing in elements of the female country greats, there's just as much Emily Ann, too. “ 

- Holler Country

"This album rules. Emily’s voice just has PERSONALITY. She can belt or deliver a line with a giggle, or she’ll move note-to-note in half steps that are SO damn country over the most tasteful 90’s production and so much fiddle and steel (and horns! and harmonies!). We got songs about lovemaking and arson and faith on here — but there’s a clear through-line about wanting to be a good wife to a good man, and she’s got this wholesome confidence about that whole pursuit in a way that almost feels rebellious to me. And she’s funny, too!” 

- Grady Smith

Can’t Hide Country Deluxe Edition Track List:

1.) Whole Lotta Little - (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Jeremy Spillman)

2.) Chickens - (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Paul Overstreet)

3.) Infinity - (Emily Ann Roberts / Stephanie Chapman)

4.) Keep On - (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris McKenna / Chase McDaniel)

5.) He Set Her Off - (Emily Ann Roberts / Parker Welling / Seth Mosely)

6.) Find Me A Man - (Emily Ann Roberts / Steve Fee / Jesse Reeves)

7.) Walkin’ Shoes - (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris Utley / Nicole Croteau / Kaylin Roberson)

8.) Out Of Sight - (Emily Ann Roberts / Jerry Salley / Mike Rogers)

9.) Loves Me For My Heart - (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren / Phillip Lammonds)

10.) Devil Wears Denim - (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Autumn McEntire)

11.) Still Searching (featuring Vince Gill & Ricky Skaggs) - (Jerry Salley / Phillip White)

12.) Can’t Hide Country - (Emily Ann Roberts / Melissa Fuller)

13.) The Building - (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren)

14.) Back Home - (Emily Ann Roberts / Joe Clemmons)

15.) Working On Love - (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Autumn McEntire)

16.) When I’m Gone - (Emily Ann Roberts / Autumn McEntire)

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