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Promising Country music artist Rob Wolf offers “The Cowboy Way,” as his first release of 2024. “They say the Cowboy’s a dying breed, well I’ll tell you that isn’t true.” Rob wrote this lyric because living in Montana, the thought of working the land isn’t far from his mind. “The Cowboy Way” was self-penned by Wolf and written to spread the message that cowboy’s stick around. No matter how much land is sold or developed, nothing will ever change. A cowboy’s calling is true – work hard, work early, and never back down. Stream and download the new music available today HERE.

The fiddle intro develops the song just as the day starts for a Cowboy: an early morning filled with beautiful faint sounds of the vast landscape, with the sun yet to show itself, but the subtle morning quickly races off to a full-paced, dig-your-spurs-in mode. The music transitions into a full band crescendo, just as the Cowboy readies his horse, his most faithful and imperative partner. The song takes you through a day in the life of a Cowboy as if you were along for the ride and feeling every movement from the saddle. The chorus reminds us to do what we love and do it until we can’t.

Rob Wolf shares, “I feel like this song tells the world what to expect of a cowboy – hardcore grit and an iron work ethic. Being a cowboy is a way of life, not a hobby, and I wrote this song to share not just my experiences but the experiences of all the farmers and ranchers in Paradise Valley, Montana, where I’m from.”

“The Cowboy Way, as its title suggests, is equally a song as it is a lifestyle, a way of life that one would be blessed to experience. The song paints a beautiful picture of the essence and hard work it takes to make it as a Cowboy and pays homage to a life that few understand,” Stated bass guitarist Jordan Jarosky. “Deeper rooted, the song is a metaphor to how we should all live our lives, doing what we love and living it to the fullest. It’s not work when it’s a life and it’s not living unless it’s the Cowboy Way.”

“They say the cowboy’s a dying breed,
Well, I’ll tell you that isn’t true.
If you listen closely to these words,
I’ll tell you what we do.

We’re up before the sun hits the sky,
Saddling horses for the day.
Now it don’t matter how much sleep we got,
We just carry on our way.

It’s built in our blood to ranch and punch cattle all day long.
Generations of ranch hand work that have been passed on.
Some people don’t understand this life we like to live.
We’ll work until our dying days,

That’s just the cowboy way.…”

“The Cowboy Way” was produced by Tyler Cain at Bold Studio Nashville. It was mixed by Mark Lonsway and mastered by Mayfield Mastering. Studio musicians on the single included Tyler Cain (electric guitar), Jackson Eppley (bass) Kevin Murphy (drums), Bruce Bouton (dobro) Jenee Fleenor (fiddle) and Rob Wolf ( guitar).

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