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Stream or Download “Redemption” Here

American Idol season 22 finalist Emmy Russell has released her original song “Redemption” today. A hushed whisper that works its way into a complete explosion of self-expressed freedom, the hooky tune celebrates the best kind of love one can possibly hope for: the love of oneself.

Written by Russell, along with Lauren McLamb and Rob Sewell, the meditative song finds the singer-songwriter reflecting on a trying past relationship and, more specifically, is a deep dive into how she’s come to find self-love and acceptance amid turmoil.

“I wrote 'Redemption' because I process life through music and this song is what came out of a painful breakup,” Russell says. “There was a time when I placed all my value in someone else's hands. But, eventually, I had to realize I was constantly being tossed between 'I love you' and 'I don't love you,’ I wrote this song with Lauren McLamb & Rob Sewell. This song represents my decision to no longer be the person you come back to when it’s convenient. My telling him 'it’s over,'. I found my redemption in being alone and admitting to myself, 'I don’t deserve this,' which lead me to a door I’d been craving to open… I finally realized my worth by looking to God, then letting the truth that 'I am loved,' sink in. Now I know, no guy, nor anyone else, can take that away from me. I am loved and, now, that’s my redemption.”

A 25-year-old Nashville native, Russell – a descendant of music royalty as the granddaughter of the late country legend Loretta Lynn – became an instant fan-favorite on Idol following the viral audition performance of her evocative, self-penned and incredibly revealing song “skinny.”

The winner of American Idol will be announced on May 19.


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