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Connor Daly, the rising singer-songwriter known for his evocative lyrics and tender vocals, has just released his latest single, “Ain’t Got A Cape.” The song, written by Daly, produced by William Gawley, and engineered and mixed by Bryce Roberts, is now available on all major streaming platforms here. The track was recorded at The Castle Studio, Dark Horse, and Omni Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. (Drums/Wayne Killius)(Bass/Dave Francis and Dave Spicher)(Acoustic Guitars/Pat McGrath, David Flint and Connor Daly)(Electric Guitar/David Flint and Mike Durham)(Mandolin/David Flint and Deanie Richardson)(Fiddle/Deanie Richardson)(Piano/Keys/Chris Nole)(Background Vocals/Wendy Newcomer)(Mastered by Mike Monseur with Axis Audi)

Filmed in cooperation with the Ashland City Police and Fire Department, the official music video for “Ain’t Got A Cape,” adds a visual narrative to the heartfelt ballad and was produced by Charlotte Avenue Entertainment. 

"Ain’t Got a Cape" is a song about love, loss, and the painful acknowledgment of one's limitations in the face of another's struggles. In "Ain’t Got a Cape," Daly captures the crispness of Fall and the bittersweet memories of a past love. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of changing seasons, both in nature and in the heart. The narrator reflects on a relationship where their partner needed saving, but they couldn’t be the hero to prevent the fall. The imagery of leaves falling from trees symbolizes the inevitable end of something beautiful yet fragile. The chorus poignantly realizes that, despite the longing to be a savior, some battles are too heavy to carry alone. The song's melancholy tone is woven through memories of shared moments by the old rail tracks, where love once thrived but now lingers like a ghost in the cold air.

Raised in Northern Virginia, Daly grew up playing sports and music. He was the Virginia High School (5A) state champion in discus, earning a spot on the track and field team at George Mason University, where he competed throughout college. Alongside his athletic pursuits, he played classical guitar, developing a cascading fingerpicking style that shines through in his songs today. After his first year in college, Daly turned to songwriting more fully, and in 2019 recorded some demos and fell in love with “the process of bringing my own songs to life.”

Now at 25, with more than 100 songs in his catalog, he continues to develop his craft. Daly released multiple singles throughout 2023 and has performed regularly in local venues near his home in Fairfax and at songwriter rounds in Nashville. With musical influences including Jason Isbell, Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, and Ed Sheeran, Daly has cultivated a knack for delivering his songs with emotional resonance.

This summer, Daly will release his debut album, Colors Fade, featuring acoustic-driven arrangements with poetic stories that cross the full spectrum of human experience.

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