Saturday, December 11, 2010

CD Review: "They Call Me Cadillac" - Randy Houser

CD: "They Call Me Cadillac"
Artist: Randy Houser
Release Date: September 21, 2010
Label: Show Dog-Universal Music

If you want real country music, Randy Houser   is one artist that's guaranteed to deliver. I've been following Randy's music long before his first cd was released and I knew his name would be one I'd hear again and again. When Randy Houser  sings that first note, you know you're in for a great performance.

Randy made a huge splash with his first cd, "Boots On" and his much anticipated follow up cd, "They Call Me Cadillac" delivers more of the same "say it like it is, THIS is how it's done" country music, complete with lyrics that draw you in, steel guitar that cries in the background and a voice so powerful that Randy makes each song much more than just another song, he makes each song an experience. The first single released from the cd,"Whistlin' Dixie", is one of those country songs I love, those that say more than the words ever could - "I am who I am, I'm not changing and if you have a problem, then it's YOUR problem". In a total flip of the musical coin, "Somewhere South of Memphis", Randy articulates the song in such a way that it puts the listener right in the middle of the story, makes them feel as though they're right there with him as he spreads his father's ashes and mourns the loss of his best friend. Similar to Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser  has a true appreciation for what he writes and what he sings and it shows. Randy has that vintage country sound that never grows old and thankfully, for those of us who love it, never goes away.

My recommendation? Well worth the money. Buy it, love it, let others know about it and play the pure country out of it. Randy Houser  is how I like my country.

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