Sunday, January 16, 2011

CD Review: "It Ain't Just Music" - Jason Jones

CD: "It Ain't Just Music"
Artist: Jason Jones
Released: 2007
Label: Jason Jones Music

When I decided to buy tickets to the 2009 NC Ag Jam in Raleigh, I wasn't expecting that much in terms of entertainment since most of the names playing I had not heard of at the time. I am so glad I went against my original decision and purchased those tickets. Not only was it one of the best shows I'd seen, it included one of my favorite new artists (although unknown to me at the time), Jason Jones.

Having quite easily the sexiest dimples next to John Michael Montgomery, Jason Jones is not only easy on the eyes, he's easy on the ears. With easily listening vocals and simple melodies, Jason cuts right to the heart of a song.

I know "It Ain't Music" was released in 2007, however it's still a great cd and one that I think people should know about. Is it one that stands out above other current releases? No, however Jason Jones, as an artist, does. His natural appeal and his ability to bring a crowd to their feet with upbeat songs like "Leavin' Lonely Behind" and "Walk on Me", throw in fun "somewhere in the middle" songs like "Love Life" and then bring them right down to their knees with tender, affectionate strains of "You're My Favorite". Jason Jones was right on target when he named this cd, "It Ain't Just Music".

You can buy "It Ain't Just Music" by contacting Jason directly on Twitter - @jonesville.

Check out Jason's official website for tour dates and other information.

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